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Steps For Millionaire Mind-set By Andy Shaw

Posted on 29 September 2014 by PRAdmin

29th September, 2014
Andy Shaw, Author
A Bug Free Mind
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Steps For Millionaire Mind-set By Andy Shaw


Andy Shaw entered into business himself at the ripe old age of 23, and afterwards spent 11 years figuring how to get rich, whilst building a business and employing over 100 people. He soon got fed up trying & getting nowhere so became a multi-millionaire investing in property in under 7 months, having great success for 7 years before the property crisis that struck at the start of the 21st century.


He still is apparently the very best selling UK author on property investing, but the significant outcome of all his success was how he ended up being fascinated with doing business online. Andy dealt with various niche product launches, doing multi-million pound launches & selling out in seconds not hours. He became captivated with marketing, then became captivated about wellness & nutrition after losing over 140 lbs himself.

In fact Andy's life was going fantastic, he had developed several companies all around property, but then the credit crunch stopped play, and he was back to square one, BANKRUPT. He said that he unexpectedly understood he had actually blown his mind, then went on a really enlightening journey to reach the point that allowed him to fully gain back control & the capability to create wealth with thought alone.

Something incredible that Andy was to create is a brand-new language for the mind called Saltori, a system for organized thinking, after finally determining why some people can be successful and the majority of us cannot. He wrote the process down and put it into his 2 books called "Creating A Bug Free Mind" & "Using A Bug Free Mind"

how to become rich

Andy informed me that many people simply wish to know the best ways to become rich, however just have no idea where to start, so the very first guideline to possess a millionaire state of mind is to "Know Exactly what You Desire From Life," being the guideline that virtually every unsuccessful person breaks. So, the technique here is to "Focus on WHAT You Desire most," and when you have your core dream ironed out and you know exactly what you desire, you should first have had it in your mind.

Andy then stated "You have to experience exactly what your life will certainly be like to have had your dream. You keep doing this till you have had it and seen it in a lot detail that it becomes something that is now most likely to happen. Then you concentrate on possible routes for you to get there. You offer your mind with stepping stones and lots of them at each step. Exactly what I suggest by this is you give your mind possible choices that it could take to get you to your goal. You are offering your mind with means to conceive you might actually do it. The stepping stones start from where you are now."

Andy advanced the subject and stated… "As you go through this procedure, focusing on exactly what you desire and possible methods to get there. Eventually you will reach a point in your mind where you understand that it is not possible for it not to occur, if you simply begin to take steps towards your dreams. What you have actually done is produced the dream and the possible steps to get there in your mind initially. Now by concentrating on your dream your subconscious mind can see possible methods to bring it into your reality. Effective individuals are thought about unusual individuals before they end up being understood for their success. This is due to the fact that they understand exactly what they want and are concentrating on it."

Andy informed me that with this state of mind in place, the last steps would be much easier to deal with, and finished off with this fast summary. He said… "Be grateful for having had your dream, wait to feel forced to act, concentrate on the step you are on, listen to your hunches, and go deeper into your design. These are in truth the fundamental steps to cultivating and developing the millionaire mindset, the state of mind where you just know you will do it.

If you want to know more about the Andy Shaw success mind-set, then go and checkout the first 5 chapters of "Creating A Bug Free Mind," and do read them, as those chapters include literally DOZENS of fantastic mindset strategies.


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