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River City eMarketing Announces Spring Promotional Event Exclusively on Their Gigs

Posted on 22 March 2015 by PRAdmin


River City eMarketing Announces Spring Promotional Event Exclusively on Their Gigs

March 19, 2015 – River City eMarketing, an established marketing company dedicated to helping clients make profitable internet marketing decisions, announced a Spring Promotional Event for the three gigs they offer exclusively on From March 23rd through April 10th, the Press Release, Sales Letter, and Article writing gigs will each feature a special offer when clients use the promotional code, SPRING-2015, in the body of their Fiverr gig request.

Clients who use the SPRING-2015 promotional code on the Press Release writing gig will receive the News Feed Distribution gig extra at no cost. Those who request the Sales Letter writing gig when using the SPRING-2015 promotional code will receive the Sequence of 5 Sales Letters gig extra for free. Clients who use the SPRING-2015 promotional code for the Article writing gig will receive the 500 Word gig extra free of charge. Each of these gig extras normally costs $10 in addition to the basic $5 dollar gig, but, thanks to this promotion, clients can get those $10 extras for free.

“We are excited to offer this promotional event on all of our Fiverr writing gigs,” said River City eMarketing’s Liam Quirk. “This promotion will be of great benefit to any business that is preparing to launch an early spring marketing campaign.”

Clients interested in this promotional event should follow the link to the respective gig, take the basic $5 gig, and mention SPRING-2015 in the body of the gig request to get their free gig extra. This is a limited time offer that will run from March 23rd through April 10th of 2015 only.


River City eMarketing helps small and medium sized businesses leverage proven marketing systems to grow their business. Specifically, they help them harvest the value in their business by assessing their current marketing approach and showing them how to improve it. In other words, they show their clients how to more effectively get the word out about their business to more and more potential customers. River City eMarketing has a lot of tools in their toolbox – website creation, SEO, video, Podcast production and Distribution, and AdWords campaigns among others. They also offer their writing services exclusively on with their team of native English speakers all of whom hold degrees in English and communications, and who also have extensive journalism, writing, editing and publishing experience.


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