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Rear-Facing Baby Car Seats Deemed Safest

Posted on 28 September 2014 by PRAdmin

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28th September, 2014
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Rear-Facing Baby Car Seats Deemed Safest


Research recently out has revealed that young infant children are most safe if positioned in a rear-facing car seat til the age of 2, though many will certainly outgrow their car baby seats in height a lot earlier.


Recent safety tests made at 35 miles per hour showed how a car safety seat takes a real jarring on impact, however it was only the rear-facing infant car seats that withstood the security test. The reports suggests that all young infants should remain in a car safety seat or booster seat til the safety belt fits correctly, which being when they reach 4'9".

On the back of that information, one significant car seat maker will supply new directions to see to it parents keep kids rear-facing longer. Cosco recently revealed at the "Kidz in Movement" National Child Traveler Security Technician Conference that they planned to increase the rear-facing age requirements for their child car seats, not letting kids face forward til the age of 2.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that kids stay seated rear-facing till 2, though present laws enforce children to be rear-facing until their very first birthday, so truly it's up to parents to choose when to switch their car safety seat around, and with that brand-new report out, parents choosing when to alter to a forward-facing safety seat is going to be an even tougher decision for lots of parents.


baby car mirror


One reason offered why some moms and dads liked forward-facing car seats was so they can watch their youngsters in the driver's mirror. One Nevada based accessory business "Freddie and Sebbie" have produced an adjustable rear mirror that will allow the motorist to keep an eye on their kids while seated in a rear-facing car seat position.

Business spokesman Mr Neil Speight stated… "We were aware of the trouble of moms and dads really wanting a rear-facing safety seat, but at the same time have the ability to take a look at their baby from time to time, without loosing concentration while behind the wheel. "We are now pleased to provide the ideal solution for seeing a baby while focusing on driving with an additional large 360-degree adjustable infant vehicle mirror, that rotates and pivots for that perfect watching angle to see a rear-facing infant. It is also extremely easy to set up, it's shatter proof, and does fit most headrests."

Mr Speight described how frustrated he had been while out in the vehicle with his baby twins "Freddie and Sebbie," and said… "It was terrible when either started to cry in the back as I had no idea what was up, and typically wound up having to stop the automobile. It actually did stress me out rather a lot, so one day decided to ask the Freddie and Sebbie product creation team to design the perfect solution, through an extra large 360-degree adjustable car baby mirror." He concluded by saying… "I really hope this back seat mirror does make it simpler to assist moms and dads decide on a rear-facing child car seat position for their kids, which really is the right choice to make.

The "Freddie and Sebbie" car baby mirror is backed by a life time NO-Hassle totally free replacement guarantee, and is excusively sold on



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