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RankTopFast Announces New Website Launch: Affiliate Lead App

Posted on 26 March 2015 by PRAdmin

[HttpReg] Announces Brand New Service On Business Hosting Plan

US, UK and AU – HttpReg is pleased to announce it has a brand new service on Business Hosting Plan. This new article is Business Hosting Plan long and is available for reading at

This insightful article on Business Hosting Plan is unique because of Business, Corporate, and Enterprise. It discusses the concept of Hosting and goes into great detail into many different facets of that particular topic. 

People not familiar with Business Hosting Plan will discover the three following new things that they never knew before Unlimited Data Storage, Unlimited Data Transfe, and Unlimited Domains Hosted, etc

Enrico T.

" The new Control Panel is fantastic! It is functional, elegant, simple and complete. I am very happy with the choice you have made. "

Adilson T.

" Amazing! Congrats! "

Mario R.

" Loved the new look! Good upgrade.

Best regards! "

Demo here:

To learn more about Business Hosting Plan and why it’s an expert on Business Hosting Plan go to website

ABOUT Business Hosting Plan: Want to find Low-cost Cloud Website Hosting packages? Sign up with with HttpReg. A point and click Control Panel. A 30-day refund guarantee.

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