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Most Popular US Strollers In 2014 Still Require Add-ons

Posted on 28 September 2014 by PRAdmin

Freddie and Sebbie

28th September, 2014
Freddie and Sebbie
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Most Popular US Strollers In 2014 Still Require Add-ons


The best US stroller for 2014 would most likely be one of the most popular models like the 4moms Origami, the Child Jogger F.I.T., the Babzen Yoyo, the BOB Motion, the Britax Affinity or perhaps the Bugaboo Donkey, but are this year's strollers really up to the task of carrying everything a modern mommy requires when going out with her baby for a stroll.


According to Mr Neil Speight of Nevada based accessory business "Freddie and Sebbie," strollers actually aren't keeping pace with the modern mom, who said… "After talking to a variety of stroller owners within the United States, we were left believing that the need for a stroller organizer is still there. The feedback we received was extremely helpful, and allowed our creative team to develop the new Freddie and Sebbie deluxe stroller organizer, with the purpose of being the best partner for modern day strollers and moms."

He continued by stating … "Our own Amazon verified clients are over the moon with the stroller organizer, with published comments like… "I purchased this stroller organizer as a storage solution for a Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. It connects to the stroller handle through a broad-coverage hook & loop (Aka Velcro) fastening system. That makes it both extremely simple to install and extremely adjustable (depending on exactly what I'm keeping and exactly what I'm doing, I might have the caddy stretched tautly between the handles or hanging with a bit of slack so it can swing independently). None of these benefits would be helpful if the system gave way under a light load or with basic use. Luckily, this hook & loop material seems purpose-built and develops a reassuringly strong connection."


stroller organizer


Modern mothers are swamped under with so many different infant products, beverages, snacks, gizmos, toys and the list goes on, but it would appear by what people have been saying, that strollers simply aren't as modern day as moms are. Another Freddie and Sebbie client said… "I am so delighted with my purchase. This is exactly what I was looking for in a stroller organizer for my b-agile Britax stroller. It has several pockets, big & small to accommodate anything from a pack of gum to my sun-glass case. I also carry my Sony D-camera in it on my trips outs to the shopping center & the park."

Another client is quoted on Amazon as saying… "This is the best stroller organizer I've ever come across. We have an Uppababy Vista and as many Vista owners know, the UB stroller organizer is horrible. After that, I tried the Diono, Skip Hop and Britax organizers. I like how smooth the Skip Jump one looks, but it was just all "mesh," but okay for easy walks. The Britax one is okay, however the quality and structure of the F&S organizer far exceeds it. I'll be purchasing another one so I do not have to keep changing between the UB and Jogger. This is perfect for all occasions… It holds everything in place and my water cup does not swing and spill everywhere. The storage is outstanding and it's so tough. I really do love this organizer!"

Neil concluded by stating … "We eventually managed to produce a baby stroller organizer that includes additional beverage and bottle holders, three additional pockets, and a huge front zip compartment, where diapers, baby wipes, purses and other infant items can be kept."

The Freddie and Sebbie universal deluxe stroller organizer is sold solely on The client feedback estimated above can also be seen under baby stroller organizers on Amazon


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