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Moms And Dads Reflect On Rear-Facing Baby Safety Seats

Posted on 28 September 2014 by PRAdmin

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28th September, 2014
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Moms And Dads Reflect On Rear-Facing Baby Safety Seats


While rear-facing baby car seats have actually triumphed after recent security tests, parents are still finding child visibility a higher priority while chosing the best way to position a car safety seat.


United States legislation makes it a requirement for infants under Twelve Months to be seated in a rear-facing security seat, though some car seat producers are now suggesting infants stay rear-facing up until they are 2. They also suggest children reach the height of 4'9" before a seat-belt can be used safely. Parents are now entrusted with making the difficult choice, when it comes to securing children in the back of the car.

Janet Moore, a mother of 2 from Texas says… "I undoubtedly want my 18 month old boy to be as safe as possible while sat in the back of the vehicle, so will probably wait til he reaches 2 or even 3 years of age before he faces forward, and then wait til he reaches the recommended height before removing the safety seat for good."

Another mom from New york city, Joan Whiting says… "My baby daughter is only 9 months old, so is still seated rear-facing. I must say I can't wait til she reaches her 1st birthday, so I can alter the seat round, and finally be able to see my lovely daughter sat in the back. I really suffer a lot when she starts to cry, and I just can't see what the problem might be, so despite the fact that I am a really security mindful mother, I will not be following the brand-new guidelines when the time comes."

On numerous moms online forums, one general issue shared is the reality of moms and dads not being able to see a baby in a rear-facing car seat, and one man who has actually picked up on that is Nevada based company co-owner, Mr Neil Speight, who states that he likewise experienced the very same issue with his 2 baby twins Freddie and Sebbie. He explained how he set out to address the issue, and said… "It suddenly struck me that by placing a mirror in the back of the car, I can position it to see my twins by means of my drivers mirror, and the problem would be solved."

Neil then discussed how his kids accessory company, fittingly called "Freddie and Sebbie," went on to produce the best option enabling parents to leave their young kids in a rear-facing position for as long as they opted to, as they'd now be seen at all times. He then went on to explain a bit about their latest product, and stated… "The luxury back seat mirror has been completely designed by our creative team to fit most cars, while made to the greatest requirements in quality, safety and reliability. There's no chance of 7 years bad luck with this mirror as it has actually been made from shatter proof glass. It's really simple to install this 360-degree adjustable mirror, which rotates and pivots to get that perfect viewing angle."

back seat baby mirror

Neil concluding by stating that the luxury back seat mirror has actually been both tested and recommended by American moms and dads.

The Freddie and Sebbie back seat mirror is backed by a life time NO-Hassle totally free replacement guarantee, and is specifically offered on



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