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GoBackup Offers Secure Cloud-Based Storage Option

Posted on 20 November 2015 by PRAdmin

November 20, 2015

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GoBackup Offers Secure Cloud-Based Storage Option

There’s nothing more disheartening than losing important family pictures, work documents or music or movie files because of a hard drive failure. Backing up files can be an important way to keep information from being lost should a computer fail, but many people don’t back up their files frequently enough. GotBackup, a new online data storage company, makes storing important files easy for people using different devices. The company’s software automatically backs up data from computers, smart phones, tablets and other devices and stores it on its online cloud system. Customers don’t have to do any extra work to ensure that their documents are backed up and secure. 

With GotBackup, computer users can back up all types of files. It doesn’t matter the size or format. The company’s cloud-based storage system can handle music, movie and document files, no matter how big. The 256-bit encrypted cloud system is similar in size to those used by banks and credit cards companies. The company’s software is designed so that once it is installed, customers don’t have to worry about backing up their systems manually. The software automatically backs up folders or whole drives every five minutes, depending on the preferences set by users. The cloud-based storage system makes the process of storage much easier for computer users, who no longer have to go through each folder or file on their computers to decide what to back up. 

The company offers different monthly plans for one to five computers. With some plans, users can share files between different computers. All files are encrypted in a similar format as files used by the military, so customers can feel secure that their information will not get into the wrong hands during the transfer process. Once files have been stored in the cloud-based storage system, they can be accessed at any time, from computers and mobile devices anywhere in the world. Computer users don’t have to worry about losing one version of a file when they make changes or update the document. The company can store up to 30 different versions of the same file in its system. Mac and PC users afraid of losing files through accidental deletes no longer have to worry. With the automated backup system running on their computer, their files will be backed up. If they ever experience issues, the company provides 24/7 support for its customers. 

GotBackup is a new company, in partnership with Global Virtual Companies, an established multi-million dollar Internet marketing business. GotBackup was developed to make it easier and safer for computer users to back up, store, and access their data.

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