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Overactive Bladder Invention On Road To Patentability

Posted on 24 June 2013 by PRAdmin

New York, NY -  After approximately two years time, the Bladder RE-EXPANDING Technique has officially met its first milestone and moved forward by receiving its first office action pertaining to patentability of this break through healing invention.  This all natural, 100% safe, and holistic treatment for Overactive Bladder is invented by New York City acupuncturist Justin Mandel Dipl.O.M.L.Ac.


His RE-X invention is comprised of two completely separate yet delicately intertwined dependable parts.  The first part is related to the unique detailed procedure that patients go through. The second part is related to the device that assists patients with the procedure.


What makes the non-invasive Bladder RE-EXPANDING Technique invention so unique is that it’s the very first and only treatment for Overactive Bladder that focuses on treating what surrounds the bladder and not the bladder itself.  This completely radical yet extremely amazingly effective approach let’s the bladder completely refill with urine by fixing what prevents it from filling up in the first place.


Justin Mandel had this to say about this landmark achievement in the patentability process of his invention, “I’m extremely pleased to see that the United States Patentability and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Washington D.C. is right on the ball.  Now that this has been achieved we are not slowing down and are currently preparing to meet the next milestone.


Even though this breakthrough treatment in Overactive Bladder has already benefited so many people, once the patent is finally approved and issued it will help potential patients to realize how much of a serious player this treatment can be to help control, minimize or eliminate their bothersome Overactive Bladder symptoms.”


For more information on the Bladder RE-EXPANDING Technique please go to or

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