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Announcement of Opening Sister Brand by Nature Genesis of Bright EXP LLC

Posted on 29 September 2014 by PRAdmin

Nature Genesis are opening a sister brand to probiotics.

The new brand is sunscreen SPF30 cream, which is a premium brand for skincare and beauty. There are lots of myths and facts being said about sunscreens in the streets and Nature Genesis have decided to launch a brand which will help their customers maintain a healthy, glowing and beautiful skin.

In addition to the product itself, Nature Genesis will also provide useful information about their sunscreen brand so that customers can enjoy full benefits. The information will include: ingredients of the sunscreen; how, when and where to apply; sun protection tips; and sunscreen facts & myths, among others. 

"We passionately believe that beauty is a good letter of introduction and we are excited to share it with you." – Sam White, Director of Nature Genesis  

Nature Genesis is a website of Bright EXP LLC. It is the source of the most valuable information and superior quality healthcare products. At Nature Genesis, customers get the best healthcare products extremely hassle free. All that customers have to do is to search and choose the products they need.

Bright EXP LLC was established in 2014 by Paul Jensen who had great passion in helping people be more eco-friendly. Paul started by providing the best supplements for his fellow musicians. This drove him to do extensive research about natural health care products which in turn motivated him to get into the business of supplying healthcare products. He has since then made the business prosperous and growing. Nature Genesis suppliers her healthcare products across the US and they are product to be part of the industry that is manufacturing natural healthcare products.

Excellent customer service is one of their major goals and they are always ready to listen to their customers.      

For media enquiries, use the following media contacts:


Address: 3422 SW 15 Street Suite #7702, Deerfield Beach, FL 33422


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