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Are SAT Prep Course Worth the Price?

Posted on 31 January 2015 by PRAdmin

Successful Education Solutions Announces Article On SAT Test Prep Courses

New York January 30, 2015

Successful Education Solutions is pleased to announce their article on SAT Test Prep Courses  

This article is available for reading at 

This insightful article on SAT Test Prep Courses is unique because of it discusses if it is worth the money to invest in these types of courses at all.




To learn more about Successful Education Solutions go to


ABOUT Successful Education Solutions:  Jeffrey Sonnergren is the founder and President of Successful Education Solutions. After making the mistake of choosing a college and major that were not ideal for him, Jeff set out to assemble a team to provide students with the information and resources necessary to make the optimal college choice. SES strives to to help students choose the school that best fits their academics and personality, while enabling their families to maintain their financial quality of life.




Get A Smile That Dazzles With Help From A Cosmetic Dentist

Posted on 30 January 2015 by PRAdmin


Get A Smile That Dazzles With Help From A Cosmetic Dentist

Most people are familiar with cosmetic surgery and how it can be used to make you look and feel years younger. However, not as many people are aware of how the services of a top cosmetic dentistry dentist can do the same thing. Dr. Irving Isakow is a leading cosmetic dentist in the North York, Toronto area and provides a comprehensive range of services that can brighten your smile and give you your confidence back.

As we age our teeth tend to show signs of wear that can include discoloration, chipping, gum problems or even early tooth loss or decay. In addition injuries, disease and genetic factors can all contribute to a less than desirable smile.

With today’s technology and cosmetic dentistry options you no longer have to live with the look of your smile. You have the freedom to brighten, whiten and correct any problems with beautiful results.

Dr. Isakow will evaluate your dental health and make recommendations based on your cosmetic dentistry goals.


The cosmetic dentistry techniques that he may recommend include:

  • Whitening – whitening your teeth is a simple, pain-free experience. A gel is applied to the visible front teeth. It protects the enamel while brightening the tooth color up to 10 shades or more in a single visit.


  • Veneers – these are very thin, uniquely shaped porcelain surfaces that are applied to the surface of existing teeth. Veneers, on average, last approximately 12 years.


  • Tooth Reshaping – tooth contouring or reshaping removes irregular edges and gives the smile a more balanced, symmetrical look


  • Bonding – bonding is used to fill in chipped or damaged teeth to create a natural looking full tooth or teeth


  • Bridges- bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth with a permanent, durable natural looking tooth or teeth.  


  • Gum Re-contouring – can correct smiles that display too much gum or for receding gums that are exposing too much tooth. It can even out the gum line for a natural looking smile.


  • Bite Reclamation – corrects ground down teeth or heavily worn teeth. This procedure will restore the teeth to their natural size and allow the patient a normal bite and lovely smile.

More information on all these procedures can be obtained through a consultation with Dr. Isakow. He is your North York, Toronto cosmetic dentistry dentist for any issues you have with your teeth. Just call the office to set an appointment and get started on the beautiful smile you deserve.


“I’m a family and cosmetic dentist in North York, Toronto who would love to help give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!” – Dr. Irving Isakow, DDS





Outdoor Picnic Blanket By Freddie And Sebbie Gets Over 100 Amazon Consumer Testimonials

Posted on 29 January 2015 by PRAdmin

Freddie and Sebbie

29th January, 2015
Freddie and Sebbie
Paradise Road, Las Vegas, 
NV, 9126-9502
Phone:888 749 3576




Outdoor Picnic Blanket By Freddie And Sebbie Gets Over 100 Amazon Consumer Testimonials


Freddie and Sebbie has just received their 101st confirmed Amazon client review, providing their outdoor picnic blanket an average 4.8 star score, including 82 optimum 5 star rated comments left by very pleased consumers, who just love going out for a weekend picnic.


Freddie and Sebbie has been offering a luxury style outdoor picnic blanket with water-proof backing for about 18 months. According to Amazon, the checked style huge blanket has a super soft leather carrying handle, is extremely simple to fold, helps to keep family members clean and dry, and is ideal for the beach, travel, or just as a picnic blanket.

Patrick McDonold from New York states… "First thing my wife mentioned when I pulled it out of the box was that it looked like a sweet blanket. I replied that for $40 it should be a sweet blanket, and actually it is. I don't mind investing cash on quality products, but this is it, a truly excellent blanket with a cool removable handle that can likewise be used with other blankets. I utilize this inverted with the waterproof side up as cushioning for my infant girl's naked baby time. It has a very soft fleece, not itchy, and the water resistant side is heavy duty, without being too stiff."

Outdoor Picnic Blanket

Another Amazon confirmed consumer providing 5 stars states… "This is a fantastic picnic blanket. We went out for a picnic at the beach the other day with another family and took it with us. It fitted all our family easy, with space for the picnic basket, plus a family of 4 grownups and 2 infants. It looks really great once it's spread out, it has a water resistant backing and is comfortable to sit on. I thought it would be quite tough to roll back up to look nice and neat, when I initially got it, however after going through the 4 step instructions a few times I soon got the hang of it."

A really first class product, according to another 5 star review, which reads… "No one would imagine that this extremely well designed, small (when rolled up), easily portable outdoor picnic blanket is the roomy good-looking Burberry style that spreads out to 55" X 78" when rolled out on the ground for a nap below the trees or a picnic with good friends. This is a classy addition to your travel plans, and not just that, but also offers a ready to go blanket for your very own lawn requirements, when guests stop by with kids who require some protection from the wet yard. It is water resistant, machine washable, simple to lug about and unfold and re-roll post party, and it is made so well that it is likely to last for many years. Though it looks like a luxury item, and in numerous ways its usefulness does make it an earned luxury item, it is backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee. The folks at Freddie and Sebbie have created a real winner, as this is a fantastic gift idea for special loved ones, come the weekend, so certainly an extremely recommended accessory."

Original Press Release: Extremely Pleased Customers Give 5 Star Rating on Amazon For Picnic Blanket

Youtube Video: Outdoor Blanket Review For Freddie and Sebbie















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Yearly Testimonials For Freddie And Sebbie Total 4.9 Stars On Amazon

Posted on 29 January 2015 by PRAdmin

Freddie and Sebbie

29th January, 2015
Freddie and Sebbie
Paradise Road, Las Vegas, 
NV, 9126-9502
Phone:888 749 3576




Yearly Testimonials For Freddie And Sebbie Total 4.9 Stars On Amazon


Nevada based business Freddie and Sebbie has recently finished another year's trading on Amazon, while managing to get an average 4.9 star score from confirmed clients on Amazon.


Amazon validated clients have actually shown their satisfaction for items offered by Nevada based business Freddie and Sebbie over the past 12 months, providing the company an average feedback rating of 4.9 stars from a total amount of 856 consumer evaluations. The data seen on Amazon reveals that 98 % of feedback left by the 856 validated clients has been positive, with the majority giving an optimal 5 star rating for products bought from Freddie and Sebbie.

Throughout the last seven days, a wide variety of positive 5 star customer evaluations have actually been released on Amazon, with Tiffany S stating… "Definitely worth purchasing particularly if you have smaller children. The item is well made, long lasting, and most specifically does not look like "inexpensive" plastic. Worked best in my Audi A-4!" Fabio just says… "A real Godsend if you have a brand new vehicle, and 2 little devils jumping about in the back!"

Freddie and Sebbie

Freddie and Sebbie is explained on Amazon as a company focusing on devices for making the task of handling youngsters a great deal more easier for mother and fathers. The business storefront on Amazon provides a series of items to help parents out in the auto, for a stroller, in the bath, and even out on a picnic, all made to the greatest requirements in both quality and security, and each covered under a life time replacement guarantee.

Other testimonials left on Amazon recently include one from Kristle Peters, who states… "This covered my seat excellent it's thick and it does not slide because of the gripping on the back. Thank you for making such an outstanding item." Tequila Ash-Avery, who acquired the foam bath letters says… "Items were delivered on time. My one year old loves bath time much more now with these letters. Comes with a terrific bag to dry and keep letters in." Elizabeth Clampet, who acquired the same product says… "Love them. Bought them to teach my daughter letters and numbers, given that she is still small it allows her to get familiarized with them, and she loves to play with them when she takes baths. Perfect toy, and I love that it has a mesh bag to hold it in."

Finally, a consumer who bought the Freddie and Sebbie back seat protectors says… "I am extremely pleased with this item and incredibly impressed by the seller! I purchased three seat protectors from them. The rear seat protector is well made and serves its purpose well. It really protects the automobile's leather seats from any marks which might be left by the baby booster or by a child's safety seat. The seller called me right away asking if I was satisfied with the purchase, my response being, very pleased indeed!"

Original Press Release: Another Record Breaking Trading Year For Freddie And Sebbie

Youtube Video: Official Freddie & Sebbie Youtube Channel Including Customer Testimonials















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Martin Bodker Fritzen Releases New Book About How to Overcome Drug Abuse and Addiction

Posted on 29 January 2015 by PRAdmin


Martin Bodker Fritzen Releases New Book About How to Overcome Drug Abuse and Addiction


How I overcame 13 Years of Drug Abuse and Addiction by Martin Bodker Fritzen


COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Jan. 2015 — Author Martin Bødker Fritzen

has just released his new book: "From Drug Addict to Role Model" – How I overcame 13 years of

drug abuse and addiction.


From 1995 to 2009, Martin was heavily dependent on drugs. When the abuse was at its peak, he took a toxic mixture of 40-60 pills, marijuana, alcohol, amphetamines and cocaine every day. He was completely consumed by the drugs. He lied to and stole from his family. He stole from his employer and was fired on multiple occasions. He was arrested, lost everything, and almost died several times.


Martin’s aim was to reveal how a simple headache started his addiction and how he spent four

tries at rehab and several years fighting to get his life back. The book also includes a complete guide to the rehab treatment that worked for Martin. He also discusses how he coped with withdrawal symptoms, relapses, and how he stopped lying to and betraying the people around him.


The book has been released in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and can be purchased in

bookstores or on Amazon with ISBN: 9788771700039 – press copies for reviews can be

obtained from the publisher at e-mail:


Martin visiting US

Martin is promoting his book in Washington: the 1st and 2nd of February; and in New York: the 4th, 5th, and 6th of February 2015. For interviews or any other info, contact Martin B. Fritzen on

telephone +45 5258 1107 or email: – web:


Why this book?

Martin has written this book because it was impossible to find relevant information that could

motivate him when he was struggling with addiction. His message is simple: talk about taboos.

He believes that when we give taboo topics (such as abuse and addiction) attention and talk

about them, it becomes easier for the individual to identify with the difficult topics.

This may pave the way to build hope and courage for those who want to changes their lives, or perhaps encourages you to support a neighbor, friend, or family member in need.


Press contact:

Martin B. Fritzen

Mobile: +45 5258 1107



Makers of revolutionary VYB-X Active Bands to make special appearance at Fit Expo in Los Angeles Feb. 7-8

Posted on 29 January 2015 by PRAdmin

For immediate release

January 21, 2015

Makers of revolutionary VYB-X Active Bands to make special appearance at Fit Expo in Los Angeles Feb. 7-8

Fitness technology leader VYB-X USA has announced today the company’s participation in the upcoming Fit Expo, held in Los Angeles, Calif. at the Los Angeles Convention Center February 7-8. To register for Fit Expo and purchase tickets, visit VYB-X will be located at Booth 1836 and welcomes any expo participant to stop by and learn more about its revolutionary technology which is quickly becoming popular among competitors ranging from basketball to professional poker players.

Athletes currently using the VYB-X Active Band include Metta World Peace, Lane Johnson, and many more. Users of the band are raving about its positive effects on not just their athletic performance, but on their complete lifestyle. Customers are finding the band aids in the speed of recovery, increases activeness, and also decreases pain in damaged tendons, nerves and ligaments.

The NVT vibrational chip was specifically developed to keep in tune with the natural energy states of the human body, which dramatically increase the balance of those who wear it as their body is exposed to stress.

NVT has been proven to enhance blood cell integrity, promote efficient circulation and increase both emotional and cognitive brain functionality by double-digit figures within 30 minutes. The band is made from flexible, soft nylon, and is water resistant. To learn more about the fascinating science behind the VYB-X Active Band, click here.

VYB-X is committed to helping its customers develop healthier lifestyles by providing products that encourage positive change and physical and mental growth. Wherever customers are in their journey toward a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, VYB-X is there also.

To stay updated on the latest developments at VYB-X and to see who is wearing their powerful new technology, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. To contact the company, call 888-907-VYBE. To purchase your VYB-X Active Band, click here.

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author Wants To Help Your Business

Posted on 28 January 2015 by PRAdmin


Ianthe Hernandez

Author and Business Consultant


#1 Amazon Bestselling Author Wants To Help Your Business


            U.S.A., January 28, 2015- What does it takes to be an Amazon Bestselling author?

A lot of time tapping the keyboard and having an intimate passion for what you do. Author Ianthe Hernandez has built her platform on helping businesses worldwide achieve global success with seven poignant actions on marketing their business.

Hernandez’s ninja based approach to business, or in other words cutting the fat has been the driving vehicle in both her consultation with fellow entrepreneurs and her mammoth success as an Amazon bestselling author. She recently achieved this honor in three categories here in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

“It doesn’t have to take forever. The key is marketing and effective marketing systems that will catapult you into higher sales and help build long lasting customer relationships,” Hernandez says. 

It’s very rare that you find a gem of information at the price point of her digital book The 7 Marketing Systems to Build a Successful Million Dollar Business. This book of course shares timely, proven marketing systems which cover the area of referral based systems and online strategies to better attain customers and keep them as loyal ambassadors for your business or brand.

Ianthe Hernandez has a great book here on marketing systems that I have found to be both informative and relevant to my business. I found her systems to be well explained and proven ideas that will bring me success. Well done. As stated by an Amazon reviewer for which gave The 7 Marketing Systems to Build a Successful Million Dollar Business a five star review.

            Your business can also be helped today with the knowledge and know-how of Ianthe Hernandez’s book by logging onto her website or simply by one-clicking her book on 

Golf TLC is Announcing New Tournament Planning Service

Posted on 28 January 2015 by PRAdmin


Golf TLC is Announcing New Tournament Planning Service

United States – 18 January 2015 – Golf TLC, an established leader in the golf industry, is excited to announce their new online tournament service. Choosing Golf TLC is the right choice! With easy applications, Golf TLC will take the hassle of planning a golf tournament away. They will give you an array of locations to choose from according to where you are and what your budget is. Golf TLC gives you multiple options for your registration including different registration fees (eg. Member/Non-Member), multiple ways to pay for the fee (cash, card, and checks), and personalized registration forms with options such as Donations, Mulligans, Lunch, Promotion Codes, and items that are being sold. Golf TLC will then go beyond other companies, they will promote your event by using online options such as event calendar tools, personalized event invitations, personalized web pages, event reminders, social media, and much more. Before your event, Golf TLC will send you reports tracking who has responded, who can’t make it, and who wants to sponsor holes.  Golf TLC also has an array of fundraising tools to make the most out of your event for golfers and non golfers. To learn more about Golf TLC’s service go online to their website

More About Golf TLC

Golf TLC is your one stop shop for anything related to the Golf Industry. Their state of the art Golf Tournament Planning Service sets them apart from other golf websites. To learn more about this company go to their website

Contact Information:

Golf TLC


US Study Says Risks To Mums Undergoing IVF Are Uncommon

Posted on 28 January 2015 by PRAdmin

28th January, 2015
IVF-Spain S.L.
Avda. de Ansaldo, 13, 03540, Alicante. Spain
Phone: +34 965 267 890

US Study Says Risks To Mums Undergoing IVF Are Uncommon


Complications are uncommon for patients undergoing IVF fertility treatments according to a current American research study released by Lindsey Tanner for the Associated Press.


A recent 12 year US research study has actually disclosed that the most common problems just arrive when drugs were utilized to stimulate ovaries, though it does suggest that such problems are rarely fatal. Data disclosed suggests that over-stimulated ovaries took place in 154 from every 10,000 pregnancy attempts, while rates of other issues were less than 10 per 10,000 attempts. There were a reported 58 deaths during the 2000-11 research study, though the study does lack details on their causes. The results were released in the Journal of the American Medical Association, after researchers had actually analysed federally mandated reports from US fertility centres.

The reports exposes that deaths consisted of 18 within 12 weeks of starting fertility drugs, saying the drugs might have contributed, with the other 40 deaths taking place later on, meaning pregnancy-related problems could have been the cause, as 18 of these women were bearing twins, triplets or more. Rates for overstimulated ovaries didn't alter during the research study, however rates for other medication negative effects and hospitalizations did decrease. More stable rates were seen in the report for other problems, including infections, bleeding and anaesthesia issues, while problems were most unusual in donors, who were generally healthy young women, and none died, while no data was disclosed about the eventual IVF success rates.


ivf success rates


According to professionals from IVF-Spain, there are several factors that can result in in vitro fertilization (IVF) failure, who say that while not all issues related to the failure of IVF can be corrected, some problems can be resolved in an effort to decrease the chance of failure during a new cycle. The Spanish fertility centre state that it is necessary to comprehend what elements are associated with each specific scenario, with age being an essential consideration for the success or failure of IVF. A representative for IVF-Spain discussed that as ladies grow older, the variety of eggs in the ovaries and the quality of those decreases, with the decrease beginning at age 30 and enhancing quickly after age 37. Statistically speaking they say that the possibility of a live birth after IVF with own eggs is about 32% of a 35 year old female, however just 16% for a 40 year old.

IVF-Spain has stated on their web site that in general, the more oocytes that are produced in an IVF Cycle, the more likelihood there is for success with the cycle. Their main spokesperson also said: "The ovaries of some females do not develop many follicles as they do not respond to medication utilized for IVF cycles to motivate the ovaries to produce numerous eggs. Patients are most likely to react improperly to IVF medication if they are over 37, if they have high levels of FSH, or a minimized amount of eggs are left in the ovaries, with IVF being more probable to fail if less than 3 fully grown follicles are produced. A pregnancy loss or miscarriage after IVF could be because of problems with the uterus, such as polyps or fibroids, nevertheless numerous fertility experts think that most implantation failures are because of the arrest of the embryo, like the embryo stops growing, which might be the result of a genetic defect that conflicts in embryonic development."

Ivf-Spain: A fertility clinic in (Alicante) Spain providing a variety of IVF treatments and egg donation services, and amongst the highest success rates throughout Europe.

Original Press Release: US Research Study Says Risks To Mothers Undergoing IVF Are Rare

IVF-Spain video testimonal from UK patient: IVF Clinic In Spain






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Breakthrough! Secret to Wrinkles Gone – 30 Day Free Trial!

Posted on 28 January 2015 by PRAdmin

30 day FREE Wrinkles Gone
January 27. 2015
Annie Rose, CEO
Grand Junction, Co
Phone: 650-223-5974

Secret to Wrinkles Gone – 30 Day Free Trial!

1/37/15 4:30 pm; Women have been searching and continue to search for a product taht will take yaers off their skin without going under "the knife" or "needles". Well its fianlly here and they get to try this miraculous product Risk FREE at zero cost to them for 30 days. So, now they can put away their wallets and get rid of their wrinkles.

Hydroxatone® AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex targets several signs of aging

  • Erases the appearance of fine lines/crow's feet around the eyes
  • Reduces the appearance of even deep wrinkles in the forehead area
  • Reduces discoloration and uneven skin tone
  • Hydrates skin across all age groups
  • Improves skin tone and radiance
  • Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and increases
    skin hydration by over 20%
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Includes SPF to protect skin against UVA/UVB rays
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Safe and paraben-free

Why is Hydroxatone® AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex so effective?

Supports three key building blocks needed for fresh, youthful skin. It helps your skin to promote natural levels of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Fibronectin.

Discover the simple, risk-free way to a visibly younger-looking and more-beautiful you!

The proven ingredients in the Hydroxatone 10 Complex are designed to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles while delivering intense hydration. This dual-action formula is perfect day or night – and even offers SPF protection.

"I have been using Hydroxatone for over 3 months and it has done wonders by erasing fine lines and actually tightening my skin, which took at least 5 years off my face."
" After using the Hydroxatone Deluxe System I have noticed that my skin looks softer and wrinkles are less noticeable."

" Delighting you, our valued customer, is our number one goal. It's an honor to serve you. We promise you the best experience we can deliver. You deserve nothing less."- Thomas Shipley and Andrew Surwilo (CEOs Hydroxatone

Information about HYDROXATONE is available at their website:  Discover the simple, risk-free way to a visibly younger-looking and more-beautiful you TODAY!

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