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Vista Inspection Partners Announces Jim Van Eschen as the Premier Radon Inspection Specialist for the State of Iowa

Posted on 31 October 2014 by PRAdmin



Vista Inspection Partners Announces Jim Van Eschen as the Premier Radon Inspection Specialist for the State of Iowa


Iowa – United States – 2014 – Vista Inspection Partners, an established leader in home inspections, is proud to have Jim Van Eschen as the premier radon inspection agent for the state of Iowa.


In this role, Van Eschen will be responsible for Radon testing in addition to his other responsibilities as a home inspection specialist. Mr. Van Eschen is available to inform homeowners, business owners, and government officials about public safety and the deadly threat that radon presents.

Vista Inspection Partners wants home owners to be aware of the dangers of radon since it is one of the leading causes of cancer. Van Eschen uses his knowledge of contracting along with annual training to make sure each home is Radon free and is safe for any family.


“We give you the peace of mind you need so you can focus on all the other important details when completing your home purchase,” said Van Eschen.

Jim Van Eschen is certified through both the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and American Home Inspectors.



More About Vista Inspection Partners


Founded in 2013, Vista Inspection Partners has helped many home owners by conducting thorough home inspections. Jim Van Eschen has been with Vista Inspection Partners for 35 years in the construction field. Previously, Van Eschen served 22 years with other construction companies. Jim was responsible for custom home framing contracting in Denver, Boulder County, and Front Range, Colorado areas and he also served 13 years as a general contractor in Iowa. To learn more about Vista Inspection Partners, you should call 319-610-5141 or visit them online at




Vista Inspection Partners

Attention: Ladana Van Eschen

Phone: 319-610-5141



Samsung UN32EH5000 Review – New Video Reveals What Customers are Saying

Posted on 30 October 2014 by PRAdmin Announces Brand New Video On The Samsung UN32EH5000


Atlanta, GA – October 30 – is pleased to announce it has a brand new video the Samsung UN32EH5000 39" LED Smart TV  This new video is just 1 1/2 minutes long and is available for viewing at


This insightful video on the Samsung UN32EH5000 is unique because of it focuses on what real customers are saying about the LED TV. The focus is on how this virtually portable set is being used in a number of clever and creative ways. Viewers will gain not only the truth about this TV, but also uses they may not have thought of.

People not familiar with the Samsung UN32EH5000 will discover the three following new things that they never knew before: This TV offers full 1080p HD, offers a multitude of connection options and has a gaming mode, which makes it the ideal device for parents trying to get their kids off of the family TV set.


One satisfied customer had this to say “Make no mistake this is an LED TV. I got this for my bedroom to replace my 23 inch Samsung Syncmaster. I use this TV mostly for 1080 mp4 movies and blurays (I download what I want to watch instead of waiting for it on cable), and my Xbox and PS3

We asked Kevin from why this TV was so popular, "I think it's because it meets so many needs at a very affordable price.  The size is perfect for that second or third TV set that you need for the kitchen or kids from for example.".


To learn more about TVSparrow and why it’s an expert on TV's, video and audio equipment, go to website


ABOUT TVSparrow: is a website dedicated to supplying the lastest authoritative information on home entertainment equipment, including TV's, home audio and home theater equipement.




American Martial Arts Announces Brand New Kettlebell Fitness Program

Posted on 30 October 2014 by PRAdmin

American Martial Arts Announces Brand New Kettlebell Fitness Program


Whippany, NJ/ 10/30/2014 – American Martial Arts is happy to announce the launch of its brand new Kettlebell fitnees program.  The kettlebell fitness classes will be a major addition to the expanding AMA Family Fitness program and add a new aspect of conditioning for members.


American Martial Arts specializes in Adult Mixed Martial Arts, Kids Martial Arts, Weight Loss, and Family Fitness.  As a premier Martial Arts school they take great care in proving its customers with the very best Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and conditioning classes available for all levels and children three and up.


American Martial Arts will offer a free kettlebell seminar on 11/16/14 at 1pm with instructors Carl and Sue Agnelli and is open to the public.  Attendees will gain an understanding of the kettlebell workout system and become aware of the physical benefits of the system.


“We are excited to add this new program as we begin to offer a suite of family focused fitness programs in the near future.” Matt Carrafiello; AMA Executive Director


“If you are tired of workout programs that make promises and don't provide results and at times you lack the motivation, then try the American Martial Arts kettlebell program. Try a free class so you can see for yourself how AMA offers the best kettlebell classes in Morris County


American Martial Arts:  The premier Martial Arts School in Morris County New Jersey off high level training for people of all levels. The school specializes in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Womens Fitness, Kids Martial Arts for ages three and up, weight loss programs, self defense and family fitness programs. They offer a free seven day unlimited trial. Contact them at 973-884-5995 or visit for all martial arts programs  


New online service who compare the hundreds of different booking sites in one single search.

Posted on 29 October 2014 by PRAdmin

New online service who compare the hundreds of different booking sites in one single search. So you not only see or expedia deals but ALL of them in one place.

London, UK (PRWEB) October 29, 2014 – Bookingrow™ (
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John Stown
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Great Video Creation Software – New Updates.

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A wonderful software Video Maker FX again surprises us with new scenes, video elements and tracks.

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Why Spain’s First Choice For Ivf Treatment In Europe

Posted on 28 October 2014 by PRAdmin

28th October, 2014
IVF-Spain S.L.
Avda. de Ansaldo, 13, 03540, Alicante. Spain
Phone: +34 965 267 890


Why Spain's First Choice For Ivf Treatment In Europe


As IVF treatment steps up a gear in the 21st century with new technology constantly being unfolded, Spain has not just been able to maintain the pace in technological advances and high success rates, but also provide lower cost IVF treatment compared to the UK and other developed nations.

Research would indicate that one of the main causes of couples looking abroad for their IVF treatment is the need for anonymous egg donation, and even if just for close distance, Spain has become UK couples first choice for IVF abroad with current Spanish laws providing better opportunities for couples seeking infertility remedy. In accordance with recent UK newspapers one of the primary reasons why many couples are seeking for IVF treatment overseas is to come with an anonymous egg donation. This endeavor allowed a lot of couples, even those originating from UK, to visit Spain simply because Spanish laws and regulations provide greater opportunities for couples who seek to be treated with fertility.

Major treatment clinic IVF Spain is part of a worldwide medical network of clinics throughout Europe with many years of experience in reproductive medicine present fertility treatments with proven effectiveness, and guaranteed by outcomes. Leading treatment IVF Spain is among the international networks of medical clinics throughout Europe, they have many years of experience in the area of reproductive medicine which allows them to offer fertility treatment options with accuracy and efficiency. They offer all the traditional methods of aided reproduction with innovative methods at the greatest scientific standards, and mix research with reproductive medicine and genetics to give the greatest reliability and probability of victory for every treatment. They are the leading professionals in giving traditional methods of assisted reproduction using various strategies that are of high scientific standards. Plus, they combine diverse medical ideologies; reproductive medicine and genetics, which offer the higher odds of success.

ivf treatment abroad

Their aim according to IVF-Spain is to make patients feel comfortable and self-confident, and that they work tirelessly to improve quality and to be constantly at the vanguard of new technologies in reproductive medicine. IVF-Spain isn't known just for the excellent of their results, their knowledge in treating their patients together with a hospitable atmosphere is what makes them known. Once fertility treatment has been arranged and commenced, each and every patient will have their own personal assistant with whom they can communicate in their own language and who will be available at all times. Languages spoken include Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. The greatest factor relating to this IVF clinic in Spain is due to its liability insurance.

Their purpose based on IVF Spain is to help patients feel at ease and self-confident, and that these people work hard to increase quality and to be continually at the vanguard of new technologies in reproductive medicine. Patient's comfort and self-confidence is what IVF Spain is designed to do, they try to improve the quality of their study to make new technologies with reproductive medicine. IVF Spain doesn't only offer quality through their results, but also with their "know-how" in treating patients, and the pleasing atmosphere in which they will receive you.

IVF Spain isn't recognized just for the excellent of their results, their knowledge in treating their patients together with a hospitable atmosphere is what makes them known. When fertility treatment has been agreed and commenced, each and every patient will have their own private assistant with whom they can converse with in their own dialect and who will be at their disposal at all times. After they come into an agreement to begin the fertility treatment, the patient is given a private assistant. Language is not a problem at IVF-Spain, who speak Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.

Fertility treatments offered at IVF Spain in Alicante consist of In vitro fertilization, ICSI/IMSI/PICSI, Artificial insemination, Sperm and egg donation, Cryopreservation, of eggs, sperm and embryos, TESA/MESA, Blastocysts culture, SCD/Tunel, DNA genetic analysis, PGD/PGS, FISH/PCR and CGH.. The proper treatment for couples is made following the first private visit, and to decide on a suitable treatment, the diagnosis, the clinical history of infertility and woman's age are all deemed. Treatment for couples start at the day of the first private visit, they will have the prerogative in selecting the ideal treatment for them, this is right after their doctor have explained the process. After that, they shall be diagnosed and the woman's historical past of infertility and age will be also taken into consideration.

IVF Spain state to offer the ideal and many advanced treatments for couples who have troubles in making their dream of becoming parents come true in Spain. IVF Spain has the best treatments and technology in supporting couples realize their dream of becoming mothers and fathers. With the support of Spanish laws, fertility treatments are offered to heterosexual married couples, heterosexual unmarried couples, single women and lesbian couples. Fertility treatments are as well offered to couples regardless of gender preference because of the support emanating from the Spanish laws, these are offered whether or not they are heterosexual married couples, heterosexual unmarried couples, single women and lesbian partners.

Based on the IVF Spain website, couples who would like to get taken care of should take care of their health and do regular check-ups. For UK couples thinking about undertaking IVF treatment abroad to get pregnant, consider taking the IVF-Spain online IVF test found here: Ivf Treatment Spain

Original Press Release: Why Spain's First Choice For IVF Treatment Abroad







Download (PDF, Unknown)

Sam Bakker launches a new product Social Post Manager.

Posted on 28 October 2014 by PRAdmin

Famous marketer Sam Bakker has launched new software "Social Post Manager". Before that, he released products Instant Video Takeover, Local Lead Detective, Social Mobile Press and more which were highly appreciated by the users.

London, UK (PRWEB) October 28, 2014 – VideoMarketing™ (
Famous marketer Sam Bakker has launched new software "Social Post Manager".
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Social Post Manager launch.

John Dreyk
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Video Maker FX – New Updates.

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A wonderful software Video Maker FX again surprises us with new scenes, video elements and tracks.

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A wonderful software Video Maker FX again surprises us with new scenes, video elements and tracks.
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Announcing the Grand Opening of, A New California-Based Online Marketing Company Created to Help Small and Local Businesses Succeed

Posted on 27 October 2014 by PRAdmin

Jesus Martinez, Owner
October 27, 2014
Jesus Martinez, Owner
1865 Herndon Ave., Suite K58, Clovis, CA 93611
Phone: (800) 715-0026

Announcing the Grand Opening of, A New California-Based Online Marketing Company Created to Help Small and Local Businesses Succeed, a new California-based online marketing company, will be starting operations on November 3, according to owner and founder, Jesus Martinez. ADnimate will offer an impressive number of services and products to help small and local businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations and public agencies, succeed with online marketing campaigns. Services include cutting-edge display advertisement design and management, Pay Per Click (AdWords) campaign management, online reviews campaign management, as well as marketing video production.

"If there is one thing that businesses, nonprofit organizations, and public sector agencies have in common is that they all need to reach their target audience in an effective and efficient manner", stated Jesus Martinez. "My decades of experience in academia, the public, private sector and nonprofit sectors have led me to perceive how vital it is to connect the service provider with the intended customer/beneficiary. When we accomplish this, everbody wins: businesses increase sales and have the potential to grow and create more jobs, while customers get the product or service they need." 

Martinez added, "I created ADnimate with the intention of contributing to American economic recovery and, specifically, to make available to small and local businesses as well as nonprofit organizations the access to innovative tools and solutions that they may not know about or simply consider beyond their reach."

To celebrate the November 3, 2014 inauguration, will be offering a free 30 day trial of its online review management services, which enable a business to easily increase and manage the online reviews of its products or services. The need to manage online reviews has increased in importance as more and more consumers search and compare online before making a purchase decision. The more and higher ratings a business has, the better chance it will have to remain competitive. The free trial offer will be made available to the first 25 businesses that sign up.

To find out more about this offer, interested business owners can send an email to

More information on ADnimate services and products is available at

Stan Cottrell Makes A Difference For Children

Posted on 27 October 2014 by PRAdmin
October 27, 2014
Mike Taylore, Editor
In The News Press
750 Alosta, Camarillo, CA

Stan Cottrell Makes A Difference For Children On National Make-A-Difference Day

October 23, 2014) Munfordville, Kentucky – Hart County native, Stan Cottrell, is running again.  This time the Kentucky kid turned world-distance-runner is not running in some foreign land or distant place. He has come home with a very special mission in mind, a way to make a real difference for children on "National Make-A-Difference Day."  And to continue making a difference in the children's lives annually.

The seeds for this campaign were planted over half a decade ago. Cottrell reports that on a seemingly obscure summer evening in 1960, some friends dared him to run the 10 miles from Horse Cave to Munfordville.  He accepted the bet and proved to his peers that he could go the distance.

Cottrell asserts he could not have had a clue how those few moments in time would shape his life and make such a difference in the lives of many. Social Science experts call an episode like this a "marker."  It ignited the spark which has carried him to the four corners of the earth and back. 

Now at age 71, he has been challenged by Eugene Kerry and other locals who were first-hand witnesses on that life-changing summer night in 1960.  Others, like Montgomery Crenshaw, also recall vividly the night Cottrell made that early run. It made an impact.

Independently, the same suggestion to make the locally famous run again came from Sandra O'Banion, founder of the "Remembering Munfordville" annual event on which this fun run piggybacks, and by Dewayne Forbis.  Forbis is Owner of WLOC Radio and founder of the Clothes For Kids Foundation.

Cottrell has accepted the challenge.  But this time it is different.

The run on National Make-A-Difference Day, October 25th, will be the reverse trip from Munfordville to Horse Cave. This time, the media and the community are involved in support and participation.

This time, too, there is a very real purpose other than ego or self- gratification. Cottrell is joining WLOC Radio’s "Clothes For Kids" campaigns to raise money for children of Hart County who are in need of a warm coat and other necessities for the rugged winters which always come this way.

The formula is a model for communities across the USA to make a difference in the lives of their children in need.  The components?  Local "celebrity" + local radio station + a somewhat impromptu community event embraced and spread by local influencers + inviting local and state media.

There is no expensive government bureaucracy to pay. This is an all-volunteer effort.  So 100% of funds raised go directly to the children in poverty.  Contributions are tax deductible through the Clothes For Kids 501(c)(3) foundation.

The children's need is great.

Poverty is rampant in this picturesque, rural, economically stressed county.  95% of its children live in high poverty areas. 31% are actually poverty-stricken.  And almost half of all kindergarteners are not even prepared to learn.

“This is a cause I can completely endorse," Cottrell says. "I know firsthand how my Mom was very creative in making clothes from feed-sacks.  I remember vividly the scarcity of food and even shoes."

The inaugural Stan Cottrell WLOC Fun Run/Walk" will start at the traffic light in Munfordville, KY on Saturday morning at 8:00 AM.  It will conclude at WLOC Radio Station just before Caverna Hospital on 31W in Horse Cave.

This fun charity event, WLOC Radio and this region are expected to gain national online visibility through social media sharing of news articles, and through the broadcast media that are conducting interviews and televising the event.

Everyone is invited to join in. 

All are encourage to participate in some fashion — to run all, a little, or any distance they feel comfortable. People who are physically challenged are welcomed, and a special invitation of honor goes out to Wounded Warriors.  Certificates will be given to all who participate.  Commemorative T-shirts will be on sale (half price to participants). Spectators are invited to cheer participants on all along the course.

From age 17 to 71, to Cottrell this just seems to be "high time."  He encourages everyone to join in the event and to share it with others:

"Come run with me… Let’s play together… Together, one step at a time, we can break down the walls which divide our hearts and nations. We must all become as little children for the sake of our children, our nation, and our world."   

"I accept the 'challenge' to run this time from Munfordville to Horse Cave to benefit the children of Hart County who need someone to run and carry the message of their cold, harsh situation. I can and will go the distance. You can bet on it!"

The original run has been regarded as historic. The annual re-enactment is expected to become an integral part of the overall, continuing campaign to raise funds for children in need.  It is also aimed at instilling hope, encouraging the children that much can be achieved from humble beginnings.

Cottrell provides a motivating example.

Springing from his own, modest Hart County beginnings to world recognition, Cottrell's experience demonstrates "it" can happen for children in this neck of the woods. Often barefoot, at age seven the local farm boy chased a rabbit for five hours until he caught it.  In the early years, he went on to be the first Southerner to run the Boston Marathon. Once, he even ran for 33 hours straight across the entire State of Kentucky with only brief rest stops.

During the decades since then, Stan Cottrell has made "Friendship Runs" across 40 countries.  He runs an uncommon event known as "Ultra Distance" and combines it with "people-to-people diplomacy."  He has logged more than enough distance to run nine times around the world.  Consider this:

  •        He ran from New York to San Francisco in 48 days, setting a new Guinness World Record.
  •        He ran through 12 countries across Europe in 80 days averaging 80 km per day.
  •        He ran 2,125 miles across rugged terrain from the Great Wall of China to Guangzhou in just 53 days.

Stan Cottrell has been honored by dignitaries and heads of state throughout the world.  His deeds have brought nations together in friendship, and his words have inspired millions.  But now he is back home running the same road which took him away from home.  He puts it this way:

"The road which took me from the tobacco patches to the rice paddies, meeting the well-known to the unknown, from the palaces of the world to the White House…now brings me back home…  It all makes such good sense… and it's time to give back here at home, where there is such a crying need among the children. This event is a perfect complement to National Make-A-Difference Day."

 Cottrell is running for the home team not only to make an immediate difference, but perhaps to teach children to have hope, to seek a better future, and not to be afraid to dream big.  Really big.  He adds: "And if that doesn't work, dream BIGGER!"


For Information: 

The first annual "Stan Cottrell WLOC Fun Run/Walk For The Children" – Event information 270-786-1000.

Contributions to Clothes For Kids Foundation — Call WLOC Radio business office 270-774-1485.

About Stan Cottrell:  Visit (his nonprofit corporation) and

On Facebook, connect with "Cottrell Stan" personally or with The Great Global Friendship Run page at  

Share your photos and videos of the run event and surrounding activities with Stan Cottrell's team for social media, news releases and more to keep spreading the word to help the children.  Send them

Friendship Sports Association, Inc.

4619 Westhampton Drive

TuckerGeorgia United States 30084


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