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Launch of Probiotics Product Promotion Grand Opening Sale Price on Labor Day 2014

Posted on 31 August 2014 by PRAdmin

Nature Genesis Announces Limited-Time Labor Day Sale


Deerfield Beach, Florida August 30, 2014 – Nature Genesis is announcing a very limited-time Labor Day sale. The Labor Day sale will start at 00.01 on August 31, 2014 and end at 23.59 on September 9, 2014.  This special annual Labor Day sale is the first of it’s kind and customers interested in launching new product "Probiotics" won’t be disappointed with what’s readily in stock.


This is a probiotics promotion grand opening sale that will see the price of one bottle of probiotics which is normally retailed at $49.99 be reduced by 45%. A single customer will be allowed to purchase a maximum of 4 bottles at this price. The promotion will expire on September 8, 2014 at 11:59 PDT or it will run until the available 200 bottles for the promotion run out of stock.


“We are giving our customers this early opportunity to purchase probiotics at a reduced price and boost their health.” – Sam White, Strategic Marketing Director of Nature Genesis.           


For media enquiries, use the following media contacts:


Address: 3422 SW 15 Street Suite #7702, Deerfield Beach, FL 33422



Nature Genesiss is a premium brand of Bright EXP LLC was established in 2014 by Paul Jensen who had great passion in helping people be more eco-friendly. Paul started by providing the best supplements for his fellow musicians. This drove him to do extensive research about natural health care products which in turn motivated him to get into the business of supplying healthcare products. He has since then made the business prosperous and growing. Nature Genesis suppliers her healthcare products across the US and they are product to be part of the industry that is manufacturing natural healthcare products.



Carter Fitness Free Boot Camp

Posted on 30 August 2014 by PRAdmin

August 27, 2014

Joshua Carter, Media Contact

Carter Fitness

8240 Falbrook Ave

West Hills, CA 91304


Carter Fitness says "No Work… then Workout" with Free Bootcamp for Labor Day

August 27, 2014- WEST HILLS, CA; Carter Fitness, is in the business of getting people as fit as they could possibly be… but most people site a busy schedule as their obstacle to getting fit. Well, now that you have a day off isn't it about time you took some time for yourself? The time off for "Labor Day" is a great time to replace "work" with a "workout". Carter Fitness of West Hills, 8240 Fallbrook Ave, is happy to help you get that workout in, with a FREE Bootcamp workout at their facility at 9am. 

"A fitness program… any kind of fitness program should be a staple in someone's schedule but most of us just complicate our life enough, to not fit it in… that's why I decided to give a free workout, instead of work for people straddling the fence of their health", states Josh Carter, owner of Carter Fitness.  

Just to make it a little more appealing for parents who want to use parenting as an obstacle, Carter Fitness has a bouncy house and a kids workout as well as a nice relaxing yoga session directly following the free bootcamp that is also free. Really, there are no excuses not to get down to Carter Fitness and get a workout in, even if it is your first in many years. 

Josh Carter has told us that there will be t-shirt give aways and free massages… so if you are lazy and just want a t-shirt and massages then there really is no excuse not to get down to Carter Fitness to checkout the "No Work… then Workout" Free Bootcamp Workout.    

Carter Fitness' hours are Monday through Saturday 6am-8pm. For more information about Carter Fitness and their personal training, fitness classes and consultations call 818.766.8888. Information is also available by visiting their website at



How You Can Uncover And Take Pleasure In Excellent Wines

Posted on 30 August 2014 by PRAdmin

Wine lovers, that is your lucky day! The piece that follows provides lots of guidelines, assistance and guidance meant to educate you regarding the wines you currently like. Just after reading the report, you are going to not merely have a greater understanding of wine, but you are going to also be able to totally get pleasure from your glass of wine. The following report will help you on your strategy to becoming a wine professional.

Look for any great wine by comparing ratings. Wines which have even by far the most modest of followings need to be rated. You may simply obtain wines by rating online and usually in liquor shops as well. The greater the rating the much better the wine should really be in both high-quality and taste.

Keep in mind that an costly wine is not necessarily good. Every person has various preferences in terms of wine and also you should not force your self to drink high priced wines to seem sophisticated. There are plenty of scrumptious wines it is possible to come across at an reasonably priced price tag. Attempt diverse varieties until you discover some thing you really delight in in place of judging wines in function of their rates.

Keep in mind that whilst some folks are billed as experts with regards to wine, no one knows everything. Your individual preferences are your own personal. You might like a thing that an professional genuinely hates. Make up your personal mind and have enjoyable trying new items and experimenting. You will not regret it!

All wines usually do not taste superior even though in the identical temperature. White wines are improved after they are cold, though red wines must be just a little under space temperature. Drinking them at the wrong temperature can adjust the way they're supposed to take, which may possibly modify your general opinion.

When buying a wine for dinner tonight, ensure to ask inside the store in the event the wine is prepared to drink. Some wines ought to age in order for their accurate flavor to come out. This may well mean months or perhaps years should go by ahead of the bottle is enjoyed. By asking if the wine is prepared to drink, you've a better likelihood of walking out using a bottle you can appreciate.

You should understand that old bottles are generally worthless. You could possibly try selling it to an additional wine connoisseur, but most buyers appear for large quantities. Remember that severe buyers will need to know anything regarding the provenance in the wine you would like to sell, that is not always feasible for those who found a bottle inside your basement.

You'll find all sorts of great wine from each and every corner of the world. This guidance will increase your wine know-how. Hold your wine glass higher and enjoy it!

The Appropriate Strategy To Drop Weight And Hold It Off

Posted on 30 August 2014 by PRAdmin

The have to lose weight is some thing pretty much absolutely everyone is familiar with in recent times, but it can still be a fairly mysterious, hit or miss activity for most of us as well. Luckily, there are trustworthy, dependable strategies to tackle the activity — you just must obtain them. Attempt the under fat loss ideas and see if they function for you personally.

To drop weight, don't just focus on cardio, but also incorporate strength coaching into your routine. Muscle tissue burns far more calories than fat; having far more muscle suggests you'll be burning much more calories throughout the day. Plus, you will see added positive aspects inside a toned physique and fewer injuries.

Have realistic expectations about the weight reduction you are aiming for! Models and film stars have individual trainers and airbrushing on their side. You ought to be confident that your targets are feasible. Think about asking your medical professional what an ideal weight for your height and sex may be, considering that everybody is diverse. You could possibly uncover you don't have far to go to get an optimal physique composition!

A terrific way that may possibly assist you to drop weight should be to cut down the amount of alcohol you drink. Alcohol includes a lot more calories than protein or carbohydrates and it really is quite simple to drink also a lot. By limiting the amount of alcohol you drink, you will be extra able to achieve your ambitions.

Walking is usually a terrific strategy to burn calories and lose weight. For those who put on a pedometer as you walk all through the day, it is possible to track how a lot of actions you take. Experts say that individuals attempting to shed weight need to take 5000 actions per day. Wearing a pedometer also can provide you with the inspiration to take more actions every day and continually take more than the day just before.

Ask your physician regarding the greatest way for you personally to drop weight. Your medical doctor knows your healthcare history and may recommend how many calories the body requirements to survive and still lose weight. In the event you consume also couple of calories your body goes into starvation mode, producing fat loss nearly not possible.

With all these good tips at your fingertips, you're bound to have identified several that can allow you to drop those pounds and reach a perfect weight. Keep in mind that weight reduction is about studying what operates for the physique as well as about determination, so make use of the above recommendations having a finding out attitude and you happen to be confident to succeed!

Looking To Slim Down? Adhere To This Guidance!

Posted on 30 August 2014 by PRAdmin

While you will discover various miracle weight loss tablets available on the market there's no remedy to a lack of dedication. Surgery is hardly reasonably priced for most folks, and diet program pills leave folks with unnatural physique chemistry that can bring about pretty embarrassing bowel movements. In reality, shedding weight is really hard, so this short article will inform you the way to take the appropriate steps to performing it.

A very good method to slim down should be to eliminate all the junk meals inside your property. We usually consume junk meals if it's about and if it is not there, we're much less most likely to consume it. Remove the junk food to create room for healthy meals.

A great way to shed weight would be to listen to music after you are performing cardio. Doing cardio may be incredibly monotonous and boring without the need of anything to distract you. Once you listen to music, you'll quit checking the timer every couple of minutes, and you will be extra probably to place far more time in.

A essential element of fat reduction is portion handle. Modern portion sizes, specially when eating out, are nearly double the size they employed to become. Choosing healthier meals is a superb start, but if you do not handle how significant your portions are, that healthy dish could have twice the calories that you just would expect it to.

An incredible approach to enable you to slim down would be to establish all the calories you consume in 1 day by utilizing a calculator. With an correct number of calories you'll consume by using a calculator, you are going to be completely conscious of exactly where you'll want to be in terms of slimming down.

Break these 3 meals up into 5. Consume much less far more frequently. Instead of three meals, break them up and spread them out over the course in the day. This can stop you from finding hungry as normally. Consequently, it'll also quit you from snacking as a lot in between your meals.

Mentally see yourself at the weight you need to be. This helps train your brain into pondering that is certainly the way you happen to be. In the event you can get your brain on-board, the body will adhere to. Reduce out images with the size you should be and post them so you are able to see what you might be aiming for.

Tough work pays off. Tough exercise and changing your eating plan can pay off at the same time with regards to weight reduction. Take the ideas within this post, use them or leave them; only a person who desires something with fierce dedication and operate will accomplish the targets that they want. If this article could summon the liposuction fairy it would, but reality of fat loss calls for challenging gravel and nice running shoes.

Grand Opening: Lui Authentic Luxury Offers Authentic Luxury Accessories And Purses

Posted on 29 August 2014 by PRAdmin

Contact Information:

Lui Authentic Luxury
Louise Mendoza
211 West Wilson Avenue
Glendale, Ca 91203



Grand Opening: Lui Authentic Luxury Offers Authentic Luxury Accessories And Purses





Glendale, California – Local business Lui Authentic Luxury is pleased to offer luxury accessories and handbags on consignment, beginning September 6, 2014.


Lui Authentic Luxury is a consignment store located in Glendale, California. Lui Authentic Luxury allows patrons to buy and sell authentic luxury accessories such as purses, wallets, and shoes on a consignment basis. This allows customers to buy luxury accessories on a discounted basis and allows sellers to cash in on their unwanted luxury accessories on a consignment basis.


Lui Authentic Luxury is a luxury consignment store located in Glendale, California. 

Dogs, Bullies and Babies Invade Hollywood

Posted on 29 August 2014 by PRAdmin

Dogs, Bullies and Babies Invade Hollywood

Los Angeles, CA.  Dream Factory Entertainment has brought a new slate of family-friendly films to the Hollywood scene.  The company, headed by Robert F. Dudelson and Stephen Langford, saw the need for more movies that cater to children and families. 

The company recently completed two films that each feature a dog, “Dude, Where’s My Dog” and “In the Doghouse.”  Currently in pre-production is “Big Baby,” which has a toddler in it.

Their newly-wrapped family comedy, “How to Beat a Bully,” tackles the hot topic of bullying.  Partners Dudelson and Langford said when they read the screenplay by Marilyn Anderson & Richard Rossner, they were captivated by its humor and originality. So many stories of bullies are sad or upsetting, Dream Factory Entertainment realized it would be good to reach out to children and families with a more lighthearted approach to this serious subject. The film will create a fun and laugh-filled experience, yet increase awareness and get people talking about ways to stop the bullying.

“Dude, Where’s My Dog?’ was picked up for North American distribution by Screen Media llc and is currently out on Redbox, Amazon, Vudu, and iTunes. The story revolves around a young tween’s dog that runs out of the house and accidentally gets doused with a neighbor’s stolen, top-secret, invisibility formula.  The boy and his friends must find the pooch not only before the villains, scientists and FBI Agents find him, but before his parents get home! The movie stars Kevin Farley and was written and directed by Stephen Langford, known for "Lovewrecked" and "Family Matters."  It was produced by Sofia L. Monroe and Doug Bilitch and Robert Dudelson.

“In the Doghouse” has completed production.  It’s about a divorced mom who tries to start dating again, only to have her kids and her dog try to sabotage her dates. The film was directed by Paul Rocha and written by Stephen Langford.  Produced by Douglas Bilitch and Sofia L. Monroe, it was a co-production between Noble Son productions and Dream Factory Entertainment.  Executive Producers were Robert Dudelson and Brian Hemenway.  Blairwood Entertainment is repping the worldwide rights.

“How to Beat a Bully” is in post-production. This “Home Alone” type comedy is about  a 12-yr-old boy who gets picked on by bullies, but comes up with an idea that gets them to be his new BFFs. It was written by Marilyn Anderson & Richard Rossner, directed by Douglas Bilitch and produced by Sofia L. Monroe and Paul Rocha, with Executive Producers Wes Underwood, Marilyn Anderson, Jackeline Olivier, Robert F. Dudelson and Stephen Langford. The film has a musical score by Emmy-Award winning composer, Misha Segal.

“Big Baby” is set to go into production in September, 2014. Written and Directed by Stephen Langford, the movie is about the chaos that ensues when a mad scientist invents a genetic transformation machine and his 4-year-old grandson accidentally turns his body into that of a 30-year-old man. Producers are Sofia L. Monroe, Douglas Bilitch, Paul Rocha and Robert Dudelson.

Additional information is at

Dream Factory Entertainment is a production and distribution company that creates entertainment in media platforms including Film, Television, DVD and Internet. Its offices are located on the Raleigh Studios Lot, in Hollywood, CA.

Press Contact:

MJ Anderson, Dream Factory Entertainment



Rice Farmers Make Up Cattlemen’s Drought-Caused Forage Losses

Posted on 29 August 2014 by PRAdmin
August 28, 2014
Mike Taylor, Sr. Editor
Western Business Journal
750 Alosta Dr., Camarillo, CA 93010

Rice Farmers Make Up Cattlemen's Drought-Caused Forage Losses

The latest post to Western Business Journal is available at and it important for Californians to read. This latest blog entry is on California’s multi-year drought which has disrupted food production. Lost or insufficient rains means less water above and below ground, less water for irrigated fields, and more worrisome for cattle ranchers and beef lovers, is the greatly reduced amount of wild forage available for cattle grazing.

The lack of rain has reduced native forage from feet-deep growth to mere inches. The missing growth has to be replaced if you want beef. The only alternative to the lack of forage has been grain, and although it is available, it has become expensive as cattle ranchers have to compete with the food markets for a diminishing amount of grain that can be grown with the remaining water.

Read the rest of the article to see how rice farmers are filling the gap.

Fr a related sory, visit:




For more information about to Western Business Journal and its products/services please contact visit WBJ for breaking news

Make A Masterful Cup Of Coffee Using These Strategies

Posted on 23 August 2014 by PRAdmin

Everybody loves that early early morning cup of espresso, but many occasions marvel why our coffee does not taste much like the good cups we get at the coffee retailers. The posting down below will present you the way to continuously make the top espresso.

In the event your morning coffee doesn't style appropriate, retain in mind that water that does not taste very good will deliver coffee that does not style fantastic. If your h2o from you faucet always preferences negative, think about purchasing a filter to your faucet. You could also make use of a pitcher having a built-in filter, or filter your h2o using a pitcher.

Use unique flavors that you have all around your home. Brown and uncooked sugars insert some various flavors in contrast to basic white sugar. Other flavor extracts that go well with coffee incorporate cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. In its place of basic whole milk, you can attempt flavored rice, almond and soy milks.

Will not leave your carafe to the burner for a longer time than ten minutes. Make use of a thermos in its place to maintain your espresso great and warm.

You should buy distinctive filters that should aid make your faucet to filter tap h2o. You could also purchase a espresso maker by using a built-in charcoal filter. A different technique to method this can be to search for bottled drinking water that has previously been filtered at your grocery store.

Test purchasing differing kinds of espresso. Try out differing types each time you go to the keep.

Watch out that you choose to usually do not consume espresso sparsely. Ingesting extreme quantity of coffee can lead to dehydration. Test to consume about twice as much water to equilibrium out a cup of coffee.

Search for suggestions from the family or favorite barista. They might have experienced flavors and blends you do not. Question them what sort of espresso they sometimes consume. They could also invite you their beloved in person at their property!

Obtain a multitasking espresso maker that multitasks. This minor equipment can perform a lot more than make your coffee. You can set it to get started on at a certain time so your espresso is brewing although you awake. This lets you get a leap over the morning. You can recognize aquiring a new brewed pot of stressing about rendering it.

The introduction to this information stressed that matching the big chains with regard to top quality is usually challenging for anyone who is inexperienced at generating espresso. But together with the appropriate tools and these useful hints, you'll be able to be an completed coffee barista in your own residence.

Essential Internet Hosting Guidelines Via Industry Experts

Posted on 23 August 2014 by PRAdmin

Web hosting service organizations are just what lets you simply produce your web site offered on the internet. There are various critical factors to adopt directly into before picking a internet hosting support. These article contains guidelines you will want to apply when buying a hosting services.

Locate greater than a number of advice prior to buying tons service. If you solely possess 2 for the list, you will probably find that the assistance just isn't right for people.

Your current host would have a new stronger golf grip within the control of the area enrollment.

While you are thinking of exactly who to work with pertaining to internet hosting, choose one that exists inside the particular nation on the crowd you are targeting. When you concentrate on individuals inside the You. Ok., keep with a new hosting service that is certainly situated in The usa.

You must ask around protection measures in position whenever deciding on host. With this community, web sites come under assault very often, in addition to there are many ways in which this tends to occur. Become sure ones host has treatments to manage different online hackers along with virus-like attacks. You need to make inquiries in regards to the potential risks tend to be for the web page if your coordinator happens under strike.

Produce a list prior to buying some sort of hosting company. Discover just what it can be you'll need in addition to would like along with via presently there search to view what sort of likely hosts matches these kinds of objectives. That way, rather than a sole component at the prospective purchase of people.

Select monthly obligations instead of opt-in for the service provider. You simply can't estimate one's destiny of your business or even the actual web hosting assistance. In case you turn into dissatisfied together with services or your website grows too big for that coordinator to match, service declines or even your organization outgrows your overall web host prepare, except the host determines otherwise.

Are you currently considering a totally free internet hosting support? In the event whatever fades away, you might be stuck without alternative when you site or certain data cease to exist.

In the event safety measures is essential on your internet site, fork out much more to possess what exactly is recognized as protected server certificate.

Search for consumer evaluations via independent sites to see exactly how quality the grade of this specific web host service. These kinds of reviews offers you recognize a new far better thought of how a service provider genuinely executes.

As the preceding document has explained, web hosting providers can be found so that internet websites could be on-line. You will need to maintain a particular concentrate on your preferences in addition to specifications, or maybe you might find that the hosting company is actually inadequate in order to provide what you need with the toughest doable period. The aforementioned advice should show you how along to help choosing a acceptable hosting company.

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