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Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Posted on 31 December 2013 by PRAdmin

Industrial water filtration systems have become an integral part of virtually all large industries and production units. From industrial HVAC cooling systems to various other industries including auto, foods and also beverage, oil& gas and so on all have their specific range of water purification needs.

The significance connected with water filtration has emerged since this has been viewed as the most cost effective way of minimizing impurities contained in water, thereby reducing operational costs. Commercial water filtration systems work on cleansing the water of its impurities thus reducing equipment fouling and scaling. Not only really does contaminated water cause equipment troubles, furthermore, it leads to lower thermal performance and also a rise in power wastage as a increased flow rate is necessary when water is polluted.

Water becomes contaminated due to numerous factors. A few contaminants already are present in water. Calcium as well as magnesium found in source water constitute 2% of the existing contaminants. These mineral deposits make water hard and result in water pipe obstructions, harm boilers and also heat exchangers.  

Other contaminants such as biocides, pollen, algae, silt etc are usually accumulated in the course of industrial operations. Some of the algae growing within cooling tower basins is seen to become very toxic. This really is hazardous not only for the those people who are employed at these sites but also present to be a prospective eco hazard. This waste water that is flushed away while in the backwash cycle finds its way into the sewerage system and also eventually drains away to the primary water supply. It really is out of this primary water supply that drinking water is usually obtained.  

As water filtration requirements are generally sector specific, it is best to get yourself a water assessment carried out by way of a professional ahead of developing a filtration system. With the help of an expert it will be possible to determine the quality of the water available as well as appropriately pick the filter type and capacity. It is advised to choose the filter capacity of 10% in excess of what exactly is actually required. By simply choosing a higher filter capacity and developing the system correctly you take into account upset and also overload circumstances at the same time.

When you find yourself deciding on the actual filter you must take into consideration and investigate the systems reliability, equipment and installation cost, maintenance costs, fluid make-up costs, operation costs and the precise level of filtering that you require.  

Amongst the several industrial water filtration systems available in the market, the Automatic Screen filter sees itself to generally be typically the most popular. These kinds of filters range from the moderate to high cost as well as demand suprisingly low maintenance. These filters offer a substantial efficiency flush in between 8 to 10 seconds and require low flush water volume. Automatic screen filters can be easily mounted even in already present systems. The accompanying control panel with this filter is easy to operate and is effective at initiating any flush cycle possibly on a timed basis or even by way of a high differential pressure.  

Industrial water filtration systems aim in helping to make water re-usable by way of water as well as wastewater treatment. Because companies make use of 60% of water in industrialized nations, this segment has additionally grown to be one of the crucial development sectors in recent times along with companies such as Siemens and Emmerson becoming its market leaders.

Bottled Water Can Help You Stay Refreshed And Replenished All Day Long

Posted on 31 December 2013 by PRAdmin

Water is necessary for survival as more than 70 % of your body and 80 percent of the brain contains water, which will keep on evaporating throughout the day. It is essential to replenish this water by drinking water regularly and you can count on bottled water to keep you refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. If you want to drink the very best drinking water then water packed by reputed manufacturers can keep you safe throughout the day.

Often, regular faucet water might not provide the best source of water. Some states might add too much chlorine or fluoride to compensate for poor quality of water inside their lakes, which may not go along with your health in the long term. Alternatively, in case you travel considerably or engage in outdoor exercises you then might forget to drink water at regular intervals. This could lead to dehydration that will be shown by dry lips and skin, dizziness, and cramping muscles. When this happens, you will need a safe and ready supply of drinking water right by your side. Bottled water in plain, seltzer or carbonated form can help you to regain and retain your hydration levels in a very tasty manner.

You're likely to observe rows upon rows of packaged water in different bottle sizes. You can choose between plain water or seltzer water and even water sourced from mountain springs, which is usually sold at premium rates. You will also notice bottles of club soda or carbonated water amongst those shelves. However, you should check each label of any bottled fizzy soda or carbonation water as they might contain caffeine, sugar or other artificial chemicals. Such drinks must be enjoyed once in a while. You should instead opt for plain or flavored seltzer water, flavored carbonated water, or carbonated water infused with actual fruit juice. Although such drinks might contain a few calories, additionally they offer good taste which will compel you to definitely stay hydrated in a tasty manner. If you love drinking plain water, then a bottle of plain water on your side will make sure that you don't get dehydrated after a tedious workout at the health club or right after a sweaty hike in the mountains.

You can even enjoy each of the attributes of bottled water directly in your home if you have a drinking water dispenser or water cooler in your home that filters your plain tap water or works with a larger 5 gallon bottle as being the source of your drinking water. You can now fill your own bottles of safe drinking water and keep them in your travel or gym bag. You can also connect your homemade carbonated water dispenser and make your carbonated water that can even be infused with sugar-free and calorie-free flavors. You may also infuse these flavors in packaged water if you desire. This will ensure that you don't end up being bored of simply drinking plain water and get to drink a new fruity flavor every single day, thus keeping you hydrated and refreshed every day.

You can choose from several reputed brands of bottled water and may sip on this safe drinking water throughout the day to remain refreshed and hydrated. Additionally you can add various flavors for making that water even tastier or can bottle your own private water right at home. Either way, the key is to keep away from the ill-effects of dehydration and to remain healthy and safe in the long run.

Sipping Over A Healthy Beverage Can Ensure Good Health In A Fun Way

Posted on 31 December 2013 by PRAdmin

Everybody loves to sip on a chilled beverage on a hot and sunny day or on a hot and steaming one during those cold nights. However, people including you also need to consume adequate water to keep healthy. Wouldnt it be wonderful if you could sip over a healthy and cool beverage that ensured good health in a very fun way?

Don't assume all beverages are healthy enough to get consumed on a daily basis. Alcohol based drinks could be fun but should be consumed within limits. Water, on the other hand is a necessity for healthy life but could surely get boring once you have been drinking it since childhood. The secret is to convert water into a fantastic beverage that can be consumed day after day without any problems. There are several methods to get it done. You can either buy packaged flavored seltzer water from the neighborhood or online store, or may even buy bottled carbonated water or club soda to incorporate some fizz into plain drinking water. If you want to save some money then you can also start learning on how to make carbonated water at home. All you will need is a carbonator or soda club machine and enjoy all the benefits of drinking water in the comfort of your own home.

Your required fizzy beverage could be ready within minutes with the aid of the right carbonated water dispenser made by reputed companies including sodastream. You can even infuse fruit flavors of your liking into this sparkling water and turn plain water right into a tasty beverage that can be healthily sipped by old and young, including diabetics that may surely find the various flavors heavenly. You should only ensure that these flavors are without sugar or calories and don't contain any other artificial chemicals. You and your family members can steer clear of dehydration without turning your nose at plain water because it is this very plain and safe drinking water which can be converted to a lip-smacking beverage.

You can also buy bottled club soda or flavored seltzer water from stores. However, if you intend to drink these on a regular basis then reading labels for amount of calories and sugar present in each bottle is mandatory. Fizzy beverages that merely contain caffeine and sugar ought to be consumed sparingly as they not only pile on those calories but can also damage teeth over time. Again bottled sodas can also add to polluting the environment since empty bottles can cause pollution when buried in landfills or burnt. Making your own personal beverage right at home is not only cost-effective but helps save the environment in a very tasty way too. Children and diabetics are sure to thank you even while you and your family and friends remain healthy and hydrated all day long.

Though there are innumerable beverages that can tickle your tongue into unknown pleasures, the right beverage is certainly one which takes care of your tastebuds as well as your health even when you drink it on a daily basis. Flavored water or flavored carbonated water made without preservatives, sugar or artificial flavors can be a boon over a hot day as you relax with your favorite chilled drink on your own patio.

AC Elite Partners Website Updates

Posted on 30 December 2013 by PRAdmin
December 30, 2013
Melanie Huang, HR & Administrations Manager
AC Elite Partners
1001 Bayhill Drive, Ste 200, San Bruno, CA
(877) 574-0012

AC Elite Partners Website Updates

December 30, 2013 2:30pm, Pleasanton, CA; We are proud to announce our newest updates to the AC Elite Partners website in order to keep customers up to date with the most accurate information on our consulting services and the latest in consulting and technology news. not only goes in to depth about our multiple consulting services offered through our wide range of IT specialists but also enlightens current and potential clients on critical IT trends.   To stay up to date with the Elite Partners website visitors can leave their email address to receive crucial updates on services, latest company news, and more! 

For more information about AC Elite Partners and their IT consulting services please call (877) 574-0012 or complete the contact form on our website. 

Hot And Cold Drinking Water Dispenser

Posted on 30 December 2013 by PRAdmin

It can be very irritating when you return home exhausted and reach towards the refrigerator only to find that there are absolutely no water bottles stashed. Nevertheless, by using hot and cold water dispenser you won't ever have to be worried about having either warm or cold drinking water. Just flip the tap and there comes your glass of drinking water. Very hot and cold water dispenser is quite a bit in demand nowadays with increasing numbers of people finding it easy to depend upon. Whether it is kids or even more mature folks everybody can make use of these dispensers without efforts. There are several manufacturers which are contesting in the market; nevertheless, authentic names are very few. One needs to be smart and also have fundamental knowledge which will help them get the best model.

More than natural sources these days people are counting on man-made products to acquire pure and clean water. With all-natural resources such as dams, streams and lakes becoming polluted one cannot help but make use of manmade devices that can conveniently purify water. Hot and cold drinking water dispensers are a further step from purification as it not only filters water but additionally provides you with both very hot as well as ice cold water. Whether it is at work or even your home, you can receive hot or cold drinking water within seconds. Most hot and cold water dispensers come with built-in filtration system that will purify your water so you can enjoy invigorating sips.  

Considering the actual demand for very hot as well as cold water dispensers, there are many companies within this segment. Nonetheless, it is important to utilize a genuine brand name to ensure you receive top quality product. Brands such as everpure makes sure that their items go through a quality test before hitting the marketplace. Buying hot and cold water dispenser from an authorized dealer will always benefit you as you get the items. Unauthorized seller may sell you items that originates from grey market and you could land up paying high for any product which will fail to safeguard your family from contaminated water.  

Hot and cold drinking water dispenser features different valves with regard to hot as well as cold water. There are separate storage containers from where the hot and also freezing drinking water is actually transferred to the actual cup dispenser. These dispensers operate on electrical power and one can also remove the plug in the event the dispenser is not being used. There is a wide range in hot and cold water dispensers. Right from compact, to counter top, to the huge ones usually needed for office are available. These dispensers are generally easy to use and incredibly convenient. They are affordable, easy to maintain and also definitely the best item you can have to end virtually all water requirements.  

Whenever investing in a hot and ice cold drinking water dispenser make certain it has certification from authorized people. Check for recommendations and testimonials to assist you to make a decision for the correct brand name. You can always check various brands before you decide to finalize one. Hot and cold drinking water dispenser is straightforward to install and one can easily carry out the actual directions provided inside the buyers kit for directions of use as well as upkeep. Stop filtering your plain tap water first and then keeping it inside refrigerator just for chilling or boiling it so you can enjoy hot soups in winters and buy a good hot as well as cold water dispenser the only one in all product to meet your own drinking water requirements.

Filters Water Systems

Posted on 30 December 2013 by PRAdmin

Drinking water systems are essential to obtain thoroughly clean and clear drinking water. Most people use drinking water filtration system to separate out harmful pollutants from the normal water. The drinking water system is actually the very best, easiest and efficient method to obtain pure drinking water.  

In most cities we receive municipal drinking water however quality of this water is actually variable since it originates from multiple resources. Municipal water has many organic substances and additional chemical substances which are added to treat water. A few of the substances are harmful and some are generally beneficial o health. To get rid of the actual dangerous ingredients and to maintain the beneficial minerals in drinking water, filtration systems are utilized. Bottled water can also be good method of obtaining pure drinking water but it is pricey as well as the quality of water differs with the resource as well as company.  

In the market there are number of drinking water filter systems. To obtain better quality you have to choose the appropriate combination of technologies. The actual purity of drinking water is determined by the technology used in that particular drinking water purifier.  

Carbon filters utilizes carbon block to get rid of organic impurities and chlorine. Additionally, it can remove a number of dangerous heavy metals like mercury, but it cannot take out blended mineral salts and nitrates. Gadget filters uses granular activated carbon. You can attach this filter to your tap. This particular filter betters odor, taste and also gets rid of several chemicals.  

The reverse osmosis filter systems decrease heavy metals and mixed salts however is unable to totally eliminate it. It fails to remove nitrates, fluoride as well as radioactive contaminants. Its performance can vary with the time. The distillers usually are best choice for water purification but good quality distiller is extremely expensive. Distillers provide drinking water very gradually. Plus it needs electrical power as well as creates a lot of heat. Alkaline water equipment is the latest technique for water treatment. It also uses carbon filters however more compact compared to the gadget filter systems. But it fails to remove heavy metals like cadmium, mercury, asbestos, arsenic, lead, fluoride and nitrates.  

In several filtration systems ultra-violet lights are usually included to kill cyst, germs and also virus. The UV light eliminates the bugs but their carcasses as well as endotoxins stay in the water. To select a great drinking water purifier system you need to consider all of these things.  

The purity of our own drinking water is important for great overall health. The healthful, thoroughly clean and chemical-free drinking water is the basic necessity for good health and wellness. Thus you have to very careful while choosing water filter systems for the home. First assess the different brand names of water purifiers and also the various technologies utilized in it.  

A good quality drinking water filtration system system eliminates odor, taste, sediment, bacteria, chlorine, and other impurities. The filters having 99% bad elements removal rate are the very best. In our houses filtration of drinking water is necessary because in municipal water treatment a few of the chemicals, drugs and bacteria still stay in the drinking water. If you are searching for clean, pure and healthy drinking water, purchase a good quality home drinking water filter, because consuming contaminated water directly has effects on your health.

Problems With Drinking Distilled Water

Posted on 30 December 2013 by PRAdmin

Distilled drinking water is the pure type of drinking water which is free of germs, harmful bacteria as well as the essential minerals. The heating of water isolates all the contaminants contained in water. This makes the water of absolutely no good for the body. Water plays an important role in ideal functioning of our body. It flushes out any impurities as well as provides the necessary minerals. On the other hand, distilled drinking water simply being free from minerals damages the body.

Distillation process includes heating water within boiling point in which the water can get converted into steam as well as leaves any impurities and also solid particles behind. This particular water is actually tasteless and possesses no critical nutrients. Despite the fact that this kind of water is free of germs, it can nevertheless pose problems to your health and fitness. This is often surprising information for many people, but you have to take this particular fact with a pinch of salt. Distilled drinking water simply being extremely pure and clear, absorbs the mineral deposits and calcium out of your system. Water ought to itself provide you with minerals rather than rob you actually from it.  

Distilled water the moment comes in contact with air, absorbs the carbon dioxide helping to make the water acidic. Hence excess usage of distilled water leads to acidity and irritation to your stomach. Additionally regularly ingesting distilled water weakens your bones in an earlier age. There are various problems related to drinking distilled water such as calcium leaching, artery diseases, abdominal infections, and also irregular heartbeats. One puts himself at high risk for a number of diseases when indulging in distilled drinking water.  

Human body needs sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals. Although food is also a good supply of minerals, a person needs to have these via water too. If you notice, you can remain hungry for long although not thirsty. Water is a great source which keeps us driving. You have to choose filtered drinking water that is full of minerals and needed by the body. Insufficient vitamins and minerals can dehydrate you no matter how much drinking water you drink, since it will have no sodium.  

Distilled water is great to be utilized whenever you have to undergo detoxing process. It helps in getting rid of the poisonous compounds in your body. However, distilled water ought to be taken for a short period of time. Practitioners do not suggest consuming distilled drinking water except if under specific circumstances. The actual major problem with distilled drinking water is actually that it deprives you of minerals. Any imbalances in our body can easily trigger health related issues. Thus it is advisable to stick to normal or even filtered water. 

It is real that plain tap water that, comes from local sources is polluted and can promote water borne illnesses. Nevertheless, you could always filter the water instead of dealing with the distillation process and also losing the essential minerals. During early times distilled drinking water was utilized to cool auto power packs as well as iron clothes. Nevertheless, these days there are actually not many advantages of distilled water other then with regard to detoxing.  

There is certainly sufficient data to prove that drinking distilled water causes untimely aging as well as other diseases sue to inadequate minerals and vitamins, though bad diet is additionally to be blamed in such cases.

MMCrystal brings signature red carpet style to Kleinfelds’ fashion show at Canada’s Bridal Show Jan 3-5, 2014

Posted on 29 December 2013 by PRAdmin

MMCrystal Fine Crystal Jewelry - Contact Info
December 30, 2013
Michelle Merizzi, Designer and founder
151 Brunel Rd #28
Mississauga, ON  L4Z 2H6
Phone: 905-629-3725


Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay has captured dramatic MMCrystal designer jewelry for their gowns-and-accessories feature at Canada's biggest Bridal Show at the Metro Convention Center on January 3-5, 2014.

Toronto, ON – December 30, 2013 — Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay will spotlight MMCrystal dramatic fine crystal jewelry in their showcase fashion shows at Canada's Bridal Show, January 3-5, 2014 at the Metro Convention Center. This pairing of the Toronto-area jewelry designer’s collection with world class gown designers like Pnina Tornai,  Ines de Santo and Romona Keveza will preview the bridal salon’s upcoming grand opening in the Bay in late spring of this year.

MMCrystal, a longtime celebrity favorite at red-carpet galas and awards telecasts throughout Canada and the US, will feature a hand-picked selection of new and classic designs from their collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. This marks the first time the world's most popular bridal salon will be offering MMCrystal's unique line of dramatic 'statement jewelry' in Canada.

Kleinfeld's is the world-renowned sponsor and 'star' of the reality-based television show "Say Yes to the Dress",  on which staff members of the premier bridal salon in Manhattan help brides-to-be find the perfect wedding dress and accessories for their wedding day. The tenth season of show on TLC premiered on August 16, 2013.

In addition to four fashion shows and a catwalk filled with the hottest bridal, grooms-wear and bridal party fashions, guests at Canada's Bridal Show will also have a chance to win prizes sponsored by Hudson’s Bay, Canada’s Gift Registry, Veriation Music; one of five diamond rings; and an all-inclusive honeymoon to Antigua, sponsored by InStyle Vacations.

MMCrystal fine costume jewelry is a frequent fashion choice of celebrities, designers and gala attendees at the Juno, Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe award shows, and is available at a short list of fine retail boutiques in the GTA, including "By Tocca" in Oakville, ON and "Promises and Lace" in Burlington, ON.

For more information, view MMCrystal's website at

Michelle Merizzi, Designer and Founder
151 Brunel Rd #28
Mississauga, ON  L4Z 2H6
Phone: 905-629-3725


Bottled Water Cooler Covers

Posted on 27 December 2013 by PRAdmin

Bottled water cooler covers are generally the simplest way to add beauty to your home by making it appear as part of your dcor. There are numerous forms of covers in the market which lets your bottled water cooler don almost any appearance that you want. You can pick cooler covers which match your home furniture as well as add a spark of beauty to it. There are sufficient designs to pick from in cooler covers. The designs are created retaining the customer needs in mind. Right from fresh fruit bowl, towards aquarium, towards tribal and free artwork designs, you will discover each and every type of pattern in cooler covers.  

People rely on bottled water to get thoroughly clean as well as pure drinking water and will continue to do so. With dams, streams, and also lakes, turning into a polluted area, people are forced to use bottled water. Storing tiny plastic bottles of water may take up space and therefore it is better to get a large bottle at your home. This could be easily positioned on drinking water coolers plus your problem of having chilled water is actually solved. Bottled water chillers may be used at home, workplace and of course even at wedding ceremonies along with other functions. Many people disliked the water container found over the water cooler, since it appeared rather odd. Hence came the idea of bottled water cooler covers and it also seems to work well.

Be it your dining area or even your personal cabin, you shall discover array of drinking water cooler covers which could give it a decent look. Drinking water cooler covers tend not to prevent you from positioning your own cooler anywhere inside your home, since it will look a part of your own home dcor. Those who usually love to follow a concept for their interiors will simply adore the idea of bottled water chillier covers. The cover is easy to install on bottles because they are available in identical dimensions. Also clean-up it is not an issue and you can always maintain 2 pairs of the same. If you love to alter the theme of the rooms you can still purchase bottled water cooler covers which could be a part of your transformed dcor.

The thought of bottled water cooler cover is certainly popular amongst the masses and also will continue to be so. After all we all love a home that appears to be gorgeous and is also appreciated. Since you dont need to handle the cover frequently it does not get spoiled very easily. You simply have to put it on the bottle and initially a person may just mistake it as being a decorative item. Bottled water cooler covers are affordable and the range of prices may vary based upon the design you select. Meticulously and artistically done bottled water cooler covers last longer and are worth it.

Bottled water cooler covers are available in various designs, as well as styles. If you are not really keen on patterns and prints, it is possible to go in for simple covers of your respective choice. Bottled water cooler covers are entertaining to have and also certainly need to be a part of your own dcor. In case this excites you reach out to your personal computer browse the online and find the right dealer to buy your collection of bottled water cooler covers.

Enjoy The Numerous Benefits Associated With Drinking Water

Posted on 27 December 2013 by PRAdmin

Enjoy the numerous benefits associated with drinking water  

Water plays a vital role in ensuring the health of all humans, animals, and plants. However, humans often disregard the multiple benefits of drinking water in their rush to remain firmly positioned in the rat race. In case you too happen to be ignoring the health facets of drinking water at regular intervals then you need to quickly adopt these practices to ensure that you drink the very best water within the best possible form.

The fact that more than 70% of earth and human bodies are made up of water should really impress you in regards to the importance of water in our bodies. Drinking water is not only important to a healthy life but lack of safe water can cause severe conditions that may be debilitating. Water has to be consumed regularly to ensure that you don't experience muscle cramps, your kidneys function normally and your skin does not dry up. Furthermore, all your body organs in addition to your brain, which contains around 90% water, require proper hydration so as to perform at optimum levels. Water keeps on evaporating from your body so you need to replenish that water so your body can perform effortlessly.

The advantages of drinking water are even more amplified should you exercise regularly as the sweat will cause dehydration inside your body that will need quick replenishment. Experts think that humans anyway need at least 8 glasses of water every single day according to the surrounding weather and physical exercise incurred by an individual. The fact, however, is that most people simply forget to ensure adequate intake of water or get bored of this tasteless wonder of life. If you are the type of person then you have several tasty alternatives that won't only ensure the intake of adequate water in your system but also improve the taste of that water in a safe manner that will have you drinking more water each day.

Drinking water has now morphed into numerous tasty avatars that could tempt from innumerable shelves in stores or supermarkets. Several companies now offer flavored seltzer water, carbonated water, club soda, and flavored sparkling water, among other versions to ensure that you remain hydrated during the day as you sip on these delicious wonders. However, you should check the label of each and every bottle carefully as some products may have sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, and other chemicals that might not be healthy in the long run or simply shove in many calories in your body. You could also end up paying a lot of money if you consume these tasty drinks day after day. Instead of rushing to stores to buy your favorite drink, you can even make such delectable drinks at home and enjoy the advantages of drinking water in a very safe and cost-effective way.

You will simply need a soda club machine or soda maker to convert plain water into bubbly carbonated water. Manufacturers such as sodastream offer several styles of soda water makers to match varying budgets and needs. You can also buy flavor concentrates to produce your own delicious flavor which has no calories, sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives. This ensures good taste minus any side effects.

Although drinking water is vital for good health, fast lifestyle along with the dull taste of water could result in reduced consumption that could be dangerous for your health. You can still enjoy all the advantages of drinking water by blending in a variety of flavors in plain or carbonated water and make certain your body and brain performs at its best all the time.

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