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Heaven is Real? New Book Has Doctors and Scientists Go On the Record About God, Heaven, and the Afterlife

Posted on 30 November 2013 by PRAdmin

Heaven is Real? Doctors and Scientists Go On the Record About God, Heaven, and the Afterlife

CNN's Anderson Cooper profiles near-death experiences including the story of Mary Neal, Md. Her story is also told in John Graden's new book book, "Near Death Experiences: Doctors and Scientists Go On the Record About God, Heaven, and the Afterlife."

The Accident that Killed Dr. Mary Neal

While paddling down a river on the last day of vacation with her husband, Dr. Mary Neal's boat dropped down a waterfall and was pinned between rocks and another boat. She was under water for nearly 30-minutes. 

Mary’s legs were broken and she had lung problems after the accident. Her vivid description of feeling both of her knees break and ligaments tearing is an illustration of the expanded clarity that many who have had near death experiences talk about during and after the death event. 


Water engulfed her boat. She made attempts to surface to no avail. She asked for His intervention but not to be saved but just that His will be done. At that moment she describes an instant feeling of peace, calm, and of being held and comforted. 

Though she never saw Him, she is certain her comforter was Jesus Christ. Mary thought, “How can He be helping me when there are billions of people in need?” It instantly made sense. This is Jesus Christ, He is here for all of us.

According to Mary, Jesus took her through a brief life review. Like many life reviews this was less about judgment but more about the ripple-like effects her actions had on others. Mary describes the profound power of seeing the effects of her words and actions dozens of times removed. 

It’s interesting that while this was happening Mary describes still feeling the water around her body and she was fully aware of her dire situation. She thought about her family and how they would do without her. Once she was assured they would be okay she actually got impatient with Jesus to move things along to the next part of the journey.

The Guides

As her soul ascended the water Mary was met by a group of radiant spirits and experienced great joy at the feeling she had known them forever. As with virtually all NDEs communication was non-verbal and instant. The energy was one of a celebration.

The Light

Mary describes the source of brilliant light as a large hall that was pulling them towards the entry. The light enveloped her in an unconditional love far beyond her imagination or experience. She felt all of her questions would be answered in that radiant hall.

At the same time, she was aware that her body had been pulled ashore and her husband was calling for her. She actually got annoyed with the pleas for her to return because she wanted to go into the hall.

However, Mary was informed that she was not to enter the hall. Her time on earth is not yet up. Despite her protests, she returned to her body.

Conversation with an Angel

Later, laying in the hospital bed Mary suddenly found herself sitting in a sun-drenched field having a conversation with an angel. She asked many questions of the angel such as “Why do bad things happen to good people?” 

To Mary, the message is that God loves everyone. We are all here under His plan. The beggar outside a rich man’s office teaches that man compassion. The earth and the humans are truly interconnected. All actions have a reaction.

The Aftermath

Mary struggled to recover from her injuries. In addition to two legs broken at a the knees, she had advanced pneumonia and a severely inflamed lungs.

In addition to a mandate that she share her NDE lessons with others, Mary sees one of the reasons she was sent back was to help her family deal with the loss of her son Willie sometime later. 

In a fascinating juxtaposition, though Mary was saved by God on more than one occasion as a teenager, at age 4 or 5 Willie predicted he would never reach age 18 and he didn’t. He was instantly killed when he was hit by a car while roller skiing (like roller skating). Willie was 10-years old.

After writing her book, " Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story" Mary has been profiled my many media outlets and is an active speaker on the subject of NDEs.



John Graden


Dissolve This Sugar Cube In Vogue Using An Elaborate Absinthe Spoon

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Drinking absinthe alcohol is a fine art and you ought to dissolve that sugar cube in style with an intricate absinthe spoon so as to prepare your absinthe drink to perfection. If you wish to drink absinthe just like a true absinthuer then you definitely ought to learn the proper method of pouring out chilled water over the sugar cube placed on your spoon so as to make this deliciously heady drink.

Unlike other liquors that you might simply gulp down a shot laced with ice, water or soda, absinthe requires an interesting process to dilute and sweeten this extremely strong alcohol. You need to follow the complete process of preparing absinthe drinks at home to get into the ambiance of drinking this mythical green fairy as well as to end up with a drink that has the perfect taste and strength to supply a wonderful buzz. You can buy absinthe online as well as purchase absinthe accessories including a sophisticated spoon from online stores too so as to get in the mood of enjoying this robust drink.

You accessories should include an absinthe fountain that will have to be filled up with chilled water or ice. These fountains have between Two to six spigots that allow you to pour water into an absinthe glass, which again is really a specially shaped and marked glass to enable you to calculate each dose with precision. You will need to pour out a dose of absinthe in your glass and definitely will need to dilute it and sweeten it before it becomes palatable. To do this, you will need an absinthe spoon which has perforations in the bottom. You will need to position the spoon over your absinthe glass as well as a sugar cube inside it.

The resultant cold water that drips on the sugar cube will make sure that chilled sweet water pours into the glass in classy style. After you have poured the desired ratio of around Three to five portions of water to one part of absinthe then you're all set to sip on this potent drink. The spoons are available in different materials like stainless steel, silver, gold, platinum, etc. You can even select from spoons that are in the shape of a vintage spoon, a leaf, a triangle, or may even go in for an exquisite shape such as that of the Eiffel tower. It is possible to select from spoons that cost just a few dollars to ones that cost hundreds of dollars.

The perforation in the bottom of your spoon also offers various designs and shapes such as circles, squares, crosses, diamonds, etc. If money is not a problem then you can go for genuine antique absinthe spoons which are quite costly but permit you to truly feel the mythical past of this exhilarating drink. Such spoons are necessary to make sure that an appropriate louche or mixture is produced upon slowly diluting and sweetening the strong absinthe alcohol. As time passes you can even add new types of spoons in your collection to make each absinthe drink in a unique way.

Drinking absinthe requires that you produce a right ambience in order to make the experience unforgettable. To be able to merge the perfect mix of chilled water and sugar in your absinthe liquor you will for sure require an intricately finished absinthe spoon to complete the process in vogue.

Reproduce The Historical Past Of Absinthe With An Absinthe Poster

Posted on 30 November 2013 by PRAdmin

If you wish to experience drinking a strong alcoholic drink having a mythical past while setting up an appropriate theme then you could easily reproduce the history of absinthe with an absinthe poster. There are several attractive posters for sale in regular and online stores and you can look through several antique-looking posters before choosing the ones to adorn your bar in your own home.

Absinthe alcohol is not just another alcohol which can be popped open and consumed immediately. Instead, you need to savor the entire experience along with the unique taste of this unique anise-flavored drink. Real absinthe is produced with wormwood, fennel and sweet anise but is still too strong and bitter to get consumed straight out of the bottle. You thus need to dilute absinthe liquor with chilled water flowing over a sugar cube to really make it sweetly palatable. Getting yourself into the mood to drink absinthe requires following a basic and special method to prepare absinthe drinks as well as creating the right ambiance in your house to enjoy sipping on the absinthe green fairy.

If you wish to enjoy buying absinthe brands and even absinthe accessories from the comfort of your home then you can simply hop online and purchase absinthe legally. You may decide on an absinthe kit which will enable you to make absinthe alcohol right in your own home at reasonable prices. In addition, the inclusion of several other absinthe accessories including an absinthe fountain bearing 2 to 6 spouts, an absinthe spoon to permit the chilled water to seep over the sugar cube and absinthe glasses for you and your excited guests should help you produce the perfect mood.

However, your visual theme may not be over without incorporating posters that emphasize the vintage theme and display the glory of absinthe in those good old days. Each absinthe poster can illustrate its own story once you enclose it in an exquisite frame and hang it in strategic locations inside your bar at home. These posters can illustrate scenes from old absinthe bars or cafes where such drinks were offered, ladies holding bottles or glasses that contain absinthe, labels which were printed on antique absinthe bottles, and much more. It is simple to search through hundreds of posters online prior to choosing those that will enhance the look of your house as well as create that perfect antique setting in your bar.

If you plan to savor the entire absinthe experience with a limited budget then you can certainly choose remakes of old absinthe posters which provide an ancient look at a very reasonable rate. However, in case you truly wish to build your own unique collection filled with works of artists through the 19th century then you can also search through collectors items available in select online stores. Prices for such posters can certainly top several thousand dollars although such posters will certainly become the focus of discussion while you nurse a glass of absinthe fairy in your hands while standing in front of a poster with your good friends and family.

In order to truly enjoy absinthe alcohol, you need to realise and display its past to create that perfect mood to enjoy drinking this heady drink. It is possible to certainly recreate the history of absinthe with the right absinthe poster or posters inside your bar at your home whilst impressing your guests at the same time.

Drink And Dine In Style Inside An Absinthe Restaurant

Posted on 30 November 2013 by PRAdmin

If you are fed up with drinking the same kind of spirits and would like your palate to discover the legendary strong taste of absinthe alcohol then you can certainly now sip and eat in vogue inside an absinthe restaurant. Such restaurants are slowly popping up all around the world after the almost century-old ban on absinthe was lifted by the majority of countries that had enforced it due to misconceptions about this green fairy.

Absinthe has always been in news reports during the past for the wrong reasons. Although the potent drink started out as a medicine to relieve several types of ailments including stomach worms and malaria, it soon had become the favorite of drinkers, especially in the United States and other European countries. However, as a result of high toxic levels in old absinthe made and sold almost 2 centuries ago that was caused by high quantities of thujone in wormwood, that was one of the main ingredients in absinthe alcohol, many countries wound up banning this potent drink.  

Several anti-absinthe proponents also asserted that consuming absinthe liquor resulted in a growth in violent crimes and caused madness amongst drinkers. Prior to the early 1900s, absinthe was legally available in bars and cafes but after the ban absinthe was just consumed by people on the sly. However, in the late 1900s, it was decided to recall the ban on absinthe provided a ceiling was maintained on the amount of thujone that might be contained in wormwood which was used to prepare absinth green fairy.

The end result was a resurgence in bars and cafes that started selling this heady drink to its long-thirsty clients. However, if you love to enjoy fine food together with your drinks then you could now visit an absinthe restaurant in your area or town and try out this powerful drink in style. You can eat your preferred steak, chicken, pork or beef dish along with a glass of absinthe such as absente absinthe, pernod absinthe or one of the many absinthe brands that have started coming into the market. You can also drink absinthe with exotic dishes that include meats such as rabbit, lamb, duck, etc. Absinthe drinks too offer an interesting alternative to other alcohols so if you're a liquor connoisseur then you should try out different absinthe brands.

Even though you may additionally have learned to enjoy drinking absinthe alcohol at home with your good friends and could have purchased several absinthe accessories such as an absinthe spoon, absinthe fountain, absinthe glasses, etc, it still makes for a very pleasant switch to sip on the green absinthe fairy whilst eating your favorite foods. Although there are not many absinthe licensed restaurants at the moment, the trend is surely growing quickly so you could probably choose from several restaurants in your town or city in the near future. While you might be able to concoct limited absinthe drinks at home, you'll be able to surely select from numerous absinthe cocktails at such restaurants.

Absinthe is making an impressive comeback in cafes, bars and also going upscale by making its presence felt in restaurants. Should you too want to enjoy the heady buzz of this strong drink along with good food then you should seek out an absinthe restaurant in your city so that you can drink and dine in style.      

Knowing Wherever Can One Acquire Absinthe?

Posted on 29 November 2013 by PRAdmin

Knowing Wherever Can one Acquire Absinthe?

You might be desperate for the first preference of the mythical Environment friendly Fairy, this famous consume Absinthe, however you only do not know how to begin and are inquiring "Where am i allowed to acquire Absinthe? ".

There are just so countless sites! The world wide web is a good learning resource to find top quality Absinthe however it may mistake instead of assist. Here are some obtaining strategies for finding a true vintage mouth watering Absinthe: -

- An economical way to get the initial antique preference should be to create your very own Absinthe by top-quality Absinthe essences. The actual Absinthe Classics Substance equipment via AbsintheKit. com only expense $29 along with enables you to create age 14 wine bottles connected with Absinthe (750ml each). The actual equipment also contains a handy measure along with age 14 container labels. The actual substance can be distilled by classic Absinthe natural herbs just like wormwood, aniseed along with fennel along with tends to make a Absinthe using a thujone content material connected with 35mg for every container. AbsintheKit likewise sell 3 some other Absinthekits along with identical connected with vintage Absinthe a pair of glasses along with spoons.

- Study as much as you can about Absinthe so you know what to find. Internet websites like lafeeverte. internet, realabsintheonline. com and also absinthebuyersguide. com have a great deal of information about Absinthe and also reviews.

- Make sure that you acquire a Absinthe that contains both wormwood and also anise. A few Czech Absinth can be anise free therefore don't even have this distinctive anise taste. In addition there are a great deal of false or replacement Absinthes on discount sales which don't consist of wormwood and you also would like to prevent these if you'd like to test genuine Absinthe.

- Look around along with compare costs connected with Absinthe. Providers whom inventory various Absinthes include great britain organization Thedrinkshop. com, absintheclassics. com and also absinth24. internet.

- Buy recognized brands via trustworthy distillers who may have earned awards with regard to their Absinthes then compare prices between providers. View down below intended for popular brands.

Wherever Can one Acquire Absinthe Classics?

Makes that you could want to consider are usually: -

- Sebor – Sebor Absinth is usually a Czech Absinth. Actual Sebor Absinth together with 55% worwmood content material can be only accessible by seborabsinth. com. It is a well-known Czech model with a great status.

- The actual Jade Selection by Ted breaux. These types of Absinthes have earned numerous awards along with were made by Ted Breaux whom examined along with explored antique Absinthe along with true dishes to enable him to create his own antique fashion Absinthe. The actual Jade Selection involves Europe fashion Absinthes and also The french language Pernod fashion Absinthes. A great assortment. These kinds of Absinthes are available by sites like absintheonline. com.

- L . a . Boheme Absinthe Initial – Yet another Czech Absinthe. This kind of Absinthe is dependent on some sort of two hundred year-old Europe formula and is particularly described as the finest Absinthe. It's accessible to obtain by originalabsinthe. com.

- L . a . Ptite Absinthe du Val de Travers – The Europe Absinthe distilled inside Couvet, household connected with Absinthe, by a 1898 formula. It's actually a distinct L . a . Bleue fashion Absinthe which happens to be made by hand and can thus end up being difficult to get your hands on. Share can occasionally be located on absintheclassics. com.

- Absinthe Clandestine – Another Europe L . a . Bleue fashion Absinthe. This kind of Absinthe is additionally distilled inside Couvet yet by Claude-Alain Bugnon, a previous bootleg distiller. It's in accordance with conventional L . a . Bleue dishes along with makes use of classic Absinthe natural herbs together with alpine vegetation. It is made available from absintheclassics. com.

Absinthe Roquette 1797 – This kind of Absinthe is termed following the moose of the legendary founder connected with Absinthe, Medical professional Pierre Ordinaire, and is based on a eighteenth century formula. It's distilled inside Pontarlier, France, inside unique nineteenth century alambics. It is seen on many websites which includes absintheclassics. com.

Other notable Absinthes are generally Doubs Mystique Carte d'Or, Absinthe Duplais, Lucid (made for this USA) and the The spanish language Absenta Mari Mayans seventy.

Make sure to work the Absinthe within the classic way, making use of The actual Habit. To get this done you need to: -

- Serve a trial connected with Absinthe into a Absinthe a glass.
- Trickle iced water more than a mass connected with sweets on a slotted Absinthe table spoon so it dissolves in the alcoholic beverages. Be mindful preparing, apply it gradually so you acquire possiblity to see the alcohol louche.
- Wake and also work – scrumptious.

Delight in your pursuit to obtain the excellent Absinthe and have fun seeking different brands or by designing your own. I really hope these records offers solved "Where am i allowed to acquire Absinthe? ".

Appreciate This Heady Taste Connected With Absinthe Liquor

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Your passion for going through brand new style on this planet connected with alcohol consumption will certainly get you areas once you learn to appreciate this heady style connected with absinthe liquor. Even though absinthe is quite sturdy inside bottled form you'll be able to surely enjoy it after it is diluted and also sweetened according to provided directions.

Absinthe began in the early 1800s like a multi-purpose medicine to treat military, patients and also youngsters against a variety of ailments. This environmentally friendly coloured efficient take in is made from Artemisia Absinthium or even Grande Wormwood and in addition has fairly sweet anise and also fennel among additional ingredients. Nevertheless, if you wish to experience this enjoyment connected with ingesting absinthe environmentally friendly fairy as it is also known then you'll need to merely work with genuine absinthe for the reason that foundation of your respective refreshments. Additionally, you will should find out on the way to prepare this milky-green absinthe alcohol consumption take in at home employing an elaborate procedure that lasts for a minute or two.

Even though absinthe ended up being restricted in the USA and most countries in Europe starting from early 1900s due to high levels of thujone inside wormwood that was likely to lead to hallucinations along with other adverse reactions in the users human body, it had been welcome back in the majority of international locations towards the end of that century. Many international locations have a limit for the level of thujone that can be contained in every single kilogram connected with absinthe. Hence, you also can effortlessly track down absinthe liquor inside pick pubs or even restaurants in your area.

You can also create your very own absinthe conversant in an absinthe package and may actually opt for black absinthe or even reddish colored absinthe if you want a vary from the original bright green environmentally friendly coloring. You can easily track down a number of absinthe makes over the internet far too and should select your favorite company coming from a most respected on the web dealership before you buy absinthe on the web. The original absinthe fairy will certainly provide you with an exceptionally enjoyable hype as soon as you start out sipping on your prepared take in suitable at home.

It's the elaborate process involved in getting ready absinthe at home that contributes to the exciting concept. Inventive and also antique-looking absinthe equipment such as an absinthe feature, absinthe cup, absinthe spoon and also absinthe paper prints presented inside interesting structures will provide some sort of royal environment to enjoy your own fresh prepared absinthe refreshments. You may also choose unique makes of these spirited refreshments such as absente absinthe and also pernod absinthe which are equally built applying a little unique ingredients and procedures yet somehow offer in which superb style and also heady absinthe side effects once you take in this.

You can also ask your own buddies to take in absinthe jointly so as to with each other appreciate ingesting this particular efficient take in and also to find out the best absinthe take in in a very exciting way. You can also put money into legitimate antique equipment if you have the required funds to grab uncommon keepsakes made in the previous century to boost the mood of the absinthe parties.

Absinthe is an thrilling and also mythic take in which has experienced a number of problems during the past. Nevertheless, this particular invigorating take in is usually little by little doing its presence believed in numerous international locations across the world as the suspend over it has now been recently elevated. You too can officially get pleasure from this bittersweet style connected with absinthe liquor if you are a liquor drinker in research of your uncommon and also superb take in.

Artemisia Absinthium

Posted on 29 November 2013 by PRAdmin

This plant is native to the Mediterranean regions of Europe and Asia. It is commonly known as absinthe, absinth, wormwood, or green ginger. Artemisia absinthium belongs to the Asteraceae family of plants. This plant escaped cultivation and can now be found all over Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America. Artemisia absinthium can be cultivated by planting cuttings as well as seeds.

Since ancient times this plant has been used for medicinal purposes. The ancient Greeks used this plant to treat stomach ailments and as an effective anthelmintic. Artemisia absinthium contains thujone which is a mild toxin and gives the plant a very bitter taste. The plant is drought resistant and easily grows in dry soil. Artemisia absinthium is also used as an organic pest repellent.

This plant has many therapeutic uses. It has been used to treat stomach disorders and aid digestion. The plant has active elements such as thujone and tannic acid. The word absinthium means bitter or "without sweetness". Artemisia absinthium is also called as wormwood. The word wormwood appears several times in the Bible, both in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Wormwood has been used for centuries to treat stomach ailments, liver problems, and gall bladder problems. Wormwood oil extracted from the plant is applied on bruises and cuts and also used to relive itching and other skin infections. Wormwood oil in its pure form is poisonous; however, small doses are harmless.

Artemisia absinthium is the main herb used in the production of liquors such as absinthe and vermouth. Absinthe is a highly alcoholic beverage that is considered to be one of the finest liquors ever made. Absinthe is green in color; however some absinthes produced in Switzerland are colorless. Several other herbs are used in the preparation of absinthe. Absinthes unique effects made it the most popular drink of nineteenth century Europe.

Parisian artists and writers were avid drinkers of absinthe and its association with the bohemian culture of nineteenth century is well documented. Some of the famous personalities who considered absinthe a creative stimulant included Vincent Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Pablo Picasso and Arthur Rimbaud.

By the end of nineteenth century thujone in absinthe was blamed for its harmful effects and absinthe was eventually banned by most countries in Western Europe. However, new research has shown that thujone content in pre-ban absinthe is below harmful levels and that the effects earlier attributed to thujone are grossly overstated. In the light of these new findings most countries legalized absinthe once again and since then absinthe has made a stunning comeback. The United States continues to ban absinthe and it will be while before absinthe becomes legal in the US. However, US citizens can order absinthe kits and absinthe essence and make their very own absinthe at home.

For more authentic information about absinthe and to order genuine absinthe essence, absinthe kits, and other absinthe accessories visit


The Holy Grail For Earning Through The Internet is Finally Revealed

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November 28, 2013
Richard Owen
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The Holy Grail For Earning Through The Internet is Finally Revealed

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Ordinary People… Extraordinary Income Potential With I2G

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November 28, 2013
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Ordinary People… Extraordinary Income Potential

Infinity 2 Global Sets Records

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Absinthe United States

Posted on 28 November 2013 by PRAdmin

Absinthe the much loved drink of artists, intellectuals, and writers of nineteenth century Europe has made a terrific comeback as most countries under western culture have finally legalized the production and sale of absinthe. No drink in the history of modern man has gained as many sobriquets as absinthe has. "The Green Fairy", the "Green Muse" and "La Fee Verte" these are just a couple of sobriquets this legendary yet controversial drink has been the recipient of.

Absinthe was the most famous drink of the nineteenth century Europe and had gained major following in the United States also. It was introduced by the French doctor Dr. Pierre Ordinaire in 1792 in Switzerland and was initially utilized to treat different stomach ailments. Absinthe had extremely high alcohol content and contained extracts of several herbs like wormwood, anise, fennel, hyssop, angelica root, veronica, mint, coriander, calamus, star anise, and many other. The chief ingredient was the herb wormwood; wormwood contains thujone a chemical containing mild toxic properties. Absinthe soon grew to become a famous alcoholic drink and separate distilleries were set up on France and other areas of Europe to distill this fine liquor. However, because of its high alcohol content and supposed unique effects, absinthe soon got a bad name. There was a huge campaign executed during the temperance movement in Europe, and absinthe was so demonized that ultimately by the start of the 20th century it was banned by the majority of countries in Europe and United States. Thujone was blamed for absinthe effects just like insanity, hallucinations, and absinthism. Most countries passed laws that classified absinthe being a psychoactive substance.

Fortunately in the last couple of years of the twentieth century, new research conducted by scientists using modern analytical tools effectively proved that absinthe does not contain harmful levels of thujone. In the light of such new discoveries most European countries lifted the ban imposed on absinthe. Absinthe continues to be illegal in the United States in fact it is a crime to make and then sell absinthe with thujone content over 10 ppm. However, having absinthe is not a crime in the US.

United States allows the sale of two absinthes Lucid and Kubler, both absinthes are made utilizing the traditional absinthe recipe and contain very little thujone. These absinthes have a high alcohol content and thujone level of 10 parts per million; however, this cannot be deemed as true absinthe due to the low thujone content. These absinthe are available with a heavy price tag and a bottle would cost from $75 to $100. American absinthes are in reality diluted versions of genuine Swiss and other European absinthes.

Americans who would like to try genuine absinthe come with an easier option of buying absinthe online from non-US producers; however, you'll have to find a real good supplier who will deliver as promised. The most effective bet American citizens have is to purchase genuine high quality absinthe essence and prepare their unique absinthe from home. Absinthe essence is put together using traditional absinthe recipes. 20ml of absinthe essence when mixed with 730 ml of vodka or Everclear will make 750 ml of top quality absinthe.

There are various websites selling absinthe kits and essence on the internet. The most trusted name is; specializes in absinthe essence, absinthe kits, absinthe artifacts such as spoons, glasses, absinthe labels, as well as other absinthe accessories.

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